Decorate With the Most Beautiful Fall Flowers

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Autumn is here with the scent of nuts, figs, and pumpkins. Nature is dressed in flamboyant colors for the pleasure of our eyes. In our garden, flowers brighten up the season before the arrival of winter. What flowers should be planted in the fall season? Which species bloom in autumn? From September to November, what is best to plant in your window boxes? Here are the best fresh fall flowers to brighten up your space, all of which are also easily available through flower delivery.

The Most Beautiful Fall Flowers for Gardening, Home Decorating & Stunning Bouquets


The Japanese Anemone blooms with its beautiful purple hues in early autumn. They can also be of white or pink hues. The varieties of anemones flourish ideally in a temperate climate. Mainly ornamental, this plant is sometimes found in Asian medicine books.

anenome flower fall flowers autumn decorating
(Photo by Annie Spratt | Unsplash)


Asters thrive where other plants cannot. These beautiful bouquets can withstand temperatures as low as -35°C. A perennial plant that adapts easily to rustic and rocky environments. Very easy to maintain; no need to have a green thumb to enjoy its colors.

pink asters fall flowers
(Photo by Jack Blueberry)


What could be more elegant than these pure white petals? Arums are particularly refined semi-aquatic plants. They are frequently used to make beautiful floral arrangements. In your garden, plant them in a shady spot with plenty of light. They will decorate the window boxes as well as the beds in the ground.

best fall flowers arums white petals photo by sylvain brison unsplash
(Photo by Sylvain Brison)
Orchidea Sculpture by Koket


Did you know that there are nearly 1800 species of begonias? Begonia flowers reveal their pretty pink hearts at the arrival of October. The multiplicity of its varieties will allow you to find the plant that best suits your garden and your desires.

begonia flowers best fall flowers autumn gardens
(Photo by Rifat Ahmed)


Among the plants with warm tones of autumn is the clivia. This houseplant blooms very well in a pot and forms a pretty bouquet with bright shades. A touch of light in the heart of your interior decoration.

clivias orange flowers for fall bouquets decorating
(Photo by Jelena Senicic)


Plant bulbs in autumn for a nice spring bloom. The particularity of this plant comes from its conical purple shape. Close to the violet, these petals are of smaller size and are deployed only in case of good weather.

crocus purple flower best fall flowers autumn gardens
(Photo by Aaron Burden)

Cyclamen of Naples

Native to Southern Europe, as its name suggests, the Naples Cyclamen is a delicate and fragrant fall flower. Often found in wild fields in the forests of France and Italy. That is why it symbolizes beauty in popular culture. A beauty that expresses itself with finesse in your window boxes.

cyclamen of naples pink fall garden flowers
(Photo by Alexander Burr)

Chinese Gentians

Gentian is a hardy perennial plant. It grows in the mountains, in the hollow of mineral rocks, which it comes to wake up with a deep blue tint. It blooms in the heart of autumn and fears neither the first cold nor the frost. Ideal for apprentice gardeners.

genetian flower bud
(Photo by Duke University | Wikimedia)

Perennial Geraniums

If you can find Geraniums in the cities of Eastern France, such as Colmar or Strasbourg, it is because they bloom even in a mild climate. Some species offer two blooms, the second extending into early fall. You can plant it either in a window box or in the ground to enjoy its bouquets and its fragrance.

red geranium window boxes best fall flowers
(Photo by Beth MacDonald)


The hyacinth is planted in autumn in the hope of flowering in spring. At the end of its stems, the multiple small indigo petals form a fragrant oval bouquet. A flower, both original and subtle.

hycinths garden
(Photo by Joshua Cotten)


Flax blooms even in poor and inhospitable soil. That’s why we recommend to all those who don’t want to spend a lot of time gardening to plant flax flowers. These small blue petals will beautify the surroundings of your house without effort.

flax flowers light blue purple best fall flowers
(Photo by River FX)


Planted from September to November, Bindweed is a vigorous species. Its beautiful corolla takes on colors of white, blue, or pinkish hue. In Europe, they grow in gardens and orchards.

bindweed flower by andrew curtis
(Photo by Andrew Curtis)


The noble cousin of the Bindweed is the Lily. A symbol of royalty in France, this corolla flower symbolizes nobility and elegance. The lily flower grows in many countries worldwide, enchanting gardens and forests. It appreciates humid soils in which it grows with majesty.

bouquet of pink lilies
(Photo by Earl Wilcox)
stella mirror calla lilies frame brass koket


This small white flower dances in gardens and fields throughout the world. It inspires the eponymous name, which many French women wear with pride. In English, “Daisy” symbolizes innocence and purity.

The daisy is planted in autumn or spring in the ground.

daisies in the sun
(Photo by Tatsuya Sawanobori)


The mauve color is inspired by the intense purple stems of this wildflower. Thanks to their beauty, mallows often take on cosmetic roles. Be careful, though; this pretty flower does not only attract your eyes but also insects and birds.

purple mallow flowers malva sylvestris
(Photo by Galia | Wikimedia)


Generally blue, the flowers of Forget-me-nots bloom in spring. This delicate plant should be planted from September onwards, avoiding periods of frost. Once mature, it requires little care and little watering. You will only have to choose among the 50 varieties of forget-me-nots.

forget me nots with butterfly in field best fall flowers
(Photo by Sara Bach)

Lilies of the Valley

We love to offer bouquets of Lily of the Valley in May. For that, sow the seeds in autumn. At the arrival of the beautiful days, you will see appearing the famous small white bells with the bewitching odor. All you have to do is distribute small sprigs of lily of the valley from the garden to your friends and family to share your joy.

lilies of the valley small white bell shaped flowers
(Photo by Oceane Goerge)


From mythology to today, the narcissus has never ceased to fascinate us. Yellow and white or a monochrome of bright yellow, the petals illuminate gardens and fields.

narcisuss flowers autumn bouquets gardening
(Photo by Massaki Komori)


Despite its sulfurous reputation, the poppy flower is a perennial plant that is planted in autumn. In the summer, it gives intense color to fields and gardens.

field of poppies best fall flowers
(Photo by Alyssa Stevenson)


Mainly potted, pansies are autumn flowers that you can easily find in specialized stores near you. Very popular, the pansy is as beautiful as it is good. Yes, it is a member of the edible flower family. From your green space to your plate, it will elegantly decorate every corner of your home.

purple and white pansies
(Photo by Mostafa Meraji)


Petunias offer a particularly long flowering period. From spring to fall, you can enjoy these colorful petals.

petunias in many colors
(Photo by Emma Gossett)

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For more originality, consider planting snowdrops in your garden in September. Coming from Asia, this species is hardy, which allows it to survive prolonged periods of cold.

snowdrop flowers
(Photo by Kristine Cinate)


Star of the perfumed compositions, the Peony is the star of the neat gardens. This beautiful plant abounds in petals to form a large flower. To maintain it, it requires a little dexterity and care.

pink peonies best fall flowers for bouquets and decorating in the autumn season
(Photo by Lena Mytchyk)


The primrose blooms during fall, making it one of the best choices for flowers for the season. Versatile, it can be found in pots, window boxes, or the ground.

primroses pretty pink flowers
(Photo by Pxhere)


This aromatic yellow plant is easy to grow. In addition to sublimating the landscape, it is also an ally against insects. Naturally, it will chase away small animals as well as slugs and other insects that could damage your plants.

yellow tansies
(Photo by Ekaterina Grosheva)


The helianthus or more commonly called Sunflower, is a large European perennial flower. Like a sun, its heart naturally turns towards the light to develop. A plant full of brightness and panache that requires very little maintenance.

sunflowers in bouquet vase best fall flowers for decorating
(Photo by Kelly Sikkema)


This emblematic flower of Holland invites itself into our gardens with its multiple colors. By planting tulip bulbs at the beginning of autumn, you will offer yourself a flowerbed full of shades of white, red, yellow, and pink.

tulips in every color
(Photo by Ioann Mark Kuznietsov)


A medicinal and edible plant, the violet flower has a lot to offer. It can be planted in all regions of France, where it adapts to various climates. For a plantation in full ground privilege, the months of September in October.

common blue violet flower violets
(Photo by Dan Mullen | Flickr)

Now you know all the flowers that will bloom in your garden or that you can find at a florist. Your bouquets will be composed of the best fresh fall flowers that will last longer.

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