Gift Giving as a Love Language: An Essential Guide

Each person’s expression of love is different, one of love’s many excitements and complications. Some people feel the most love when they receive a gift. Often these same people, and sometimes others who don’t necessarily like receiving, like to express their love through gift-giving. Either way, if you and/or your partner note receiving gifts as one of your five love languages, this article is for you.

Gift-giving is one of the most easily misunderstood demonstrations of love because it is simple to offer gifts to anyone without openly communicating the purpose behind it. But if this is your love language, the guide provided below will help you use it to your advantage.

The Art of Gift Giving

Giving gifts can signify different things to different people. Some individuals regard it as a clumsy attempt to get someone’s affection. Others, on the other hand, view it as a means of expressing their love and appreciation for a person.

People whose love language is gift-giving will frequently go out of their way to make others happy. Usually, they focus on the recipient rather than the cost of the presents. They also love giving romantic gifts to their partners, such as handcrafted chocolates, fresh flowers, and personalized accessories. Overall, their gifts demonstrate how much they care about their loved ones. And for those whose love language is receiving gifts, the meaning always shines through!

How to Show Your Love Through Gift-Giving

Gift-giving is often the most challenging kind of love language since gifts carry deeper connotations. But if this is how you can better express your feelings, here’s a guide on how to do it the right way:

1. Be Thoughtful 

Choosing the right gifts for someone you’ve just started dating can be difficult, especially if you haven’t had much time to get to know them. Hence, you must put significant effort into learning what that person would like to receive.

Know what their preferences are if you’ve grown to care about them. While asking them directly is easy, they will appreciate it more if you took the time to take note of their likes and dislikes. You can glean clues from their stuff and interests. Do they enjoy gardening and flowers? If so, you can send them beautiful bouquets of their favorite flower made by a flower delivery service.

2. Listen to Them 

If deciphering the recipient’s interests prove to be too challenging, listening to them may provide you with information about their preferences. For instance, if they constantly mention how much they love a particular musician or TV show, they would undoubtedly enjoy receiving gifts associated with such things. You can give them TV series-inspired presents like t-shirts, wall art, and more.

Keep every word they say in mind and use them as a frame of reference for the gift. They’d be overjoyed to receive gifts they’ve been wanting, especially if it’s something they mentioned in passing and didn’t think you’d remember. This could strengthen your bond with the recipient because it demonstrates that you are aware of what they love and are continuously thinking of ways to make them happy.

3. Be Mindful of Occasions

If giving gifts is your preferred way of showing love, then you are undoubtedly aware of all of your loved ones’ significant occasions like birthdays or anniversaries. Remember that you should never buy gifts at the last minute; instead, you should prepare ahead to ensure your loved ones enjoy the gifts you’ve chosen for them.

For instance, if you enjoy giving flowers as presents on wedding anniversaries, it would be wonderful to send different bouquets each year to make the occasion more special. Giving a carnation on your first wedding anniversary symbolizes your commitment and affection. And because they symbolize fidelity, sunflowers are the perfect gift for a third wedding anniversary. You can get ready if you know in advance what kind of flower each year symbolizes.

You can always keep track of every occasion by updating your calendar regularly. 

Orchidea Sculpture by Koket

4. No Need to Splurge

Just because you like to give gifts doesn’t mean you are a huge spender. Although you prioritize the recipient over the price, this doesn’t exclude you from giving inexpensive presents. You only need to make sure that the gifts you give are priceless due to the love associated with them.

For example, you can record the good times you shared with your loved one on small pieces of paper. At the end of the year, you may put them in a jar and present them to that person as a gift. Alternatively, you can buy them their favorite snacks and stick small ‘I love you’ notes on them. These modest presents definitely speak volumes about your affection for them.

Wrapping Up

It can be exciting but challenging to use gift-giving as a love language because some people consider it as a materialistic and shallow way to express affection. But it’s important to remember that it’s not necessary to spend a lot of money on a gift as long as you take the time and effort to know what your loved one’s preferences are. By taking into account this guide, you can make giving gifts more meaningful. In the end, the person receiving your gifts will ultimately feel how much you value them when this is their love language.

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