Most Luxurious Spa Treatments for Couples

luxury spa treatments for couples

Sometimes all you need is a relaxing escape from reality to ease off the tension of everyday life. As a couple, nothing spells relaxation more than a visit to an aesthetically pleasing luxury spa where you can be treated to the most comforting treatments.

If your idea of going to a spa means experiencing a couple’s sensory aroma therapeutic massage, then you haven’t as yet been introduced to the most luxurious treatments available for couples. The next time you venture out to a spa, consider experiencing one of the following out-of-this-world treatments:

1. The Turkish-Inspired Hamam Treatment

If you’re in the mood to be treated like royalty, consider booking this treatment. It’s centered on a coconut milk bath that takes place in a hammam which is actually a Turkish steam bath. The benefit of this type of bath is that the steam from the bath cleanses and revitalizes the skin.

After the steam bath, you get ushered by a therapist to a special marble bed. Then, your body gets stretched out, and you are given an exfoliating massage. The treatment can vary from 30 minutes to a longer treatment. But if you are going all out to experience this treatment, you might as well pay for a longer one.

2. The Naga Massage

Having evolved from Thai massage principles and the stories of the Buddhist serpent deities, this massage entails laying flat on a stretching mat strategically placed under silk fabric of many different colors. The silk fabric is generally suspended from above. The therapist uses their feet when giving this kind of massage, and it’s one of the most relaxing treatments available.

3. Couples Retinol Facial

Another luxurious treatment that you can indulge in at your local spa is a retinol mask treatment. There are many delightful retinol benefits for the face, as it can help to reduce fine lines and wrinkles while encouraging skin renewal. You’re bound to leave the treatment room looking revitalized, and your skin will feel absolutely moisturized.

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4. Seaweed Wrap Treatment

Imagine enjoying all the benefits of ocean-based nutrients and the detoxing properties of seaweed at your local spa. For this treatment, you are scrubbed down with a seaweed-eucalyptus scrub, after which your therapist will wrap you up in a seaweed wrap. Following all of this, you will be given a massage with chili oil. The seaweed wrap treatment has been taking the world by storm and is a treatment on the lips of many.

5. The Jade Stone Therapy

Jade stones have always been famous for their purported ability to ease off tension and stress, and they have fantastic detoxing properties. Each jade stone is cut distinctively and polished so that when the stones are placed on your back, they have a romantically smooth and silky texture.

Whether the jade stones are used cold or hot, you’ll leave the treatment room feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. Jade stones retain heat, so you will most likely experience the best type of massage if you ask for heated jade stones to be applied to your back and neck. 

When visiting a spa, make sure you check out the treatment menu to ensure that you are making the most of your couple’s relaxation time.

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