6 Fashion Styles That Are Coming Back in 2023

2023 fashion styles

Fashion is constantly changing, and some fun new styles are headed your way in 2023. Look at six fashion favorites that are set to trend in 2023.


Has denim ever really gone out of style? 

Denim has been popular for decades, but how it is worn has changed. In 2023, baggy is better. In addition, denim has been trending toward a more relaxed fit, so if you are one of the people who hated skinny jeans, 2023 will be your year.

The current socioeconomic climate is making people feel uneasy, and they are turning to what they can trust. When it comes to clothing, that’s denim. Denim is a cultural icon that represents durability and comfort.

Denim is a versatile fabric, and you can expect to find other types of denim clothing trending in 2023 fashion styles. For example, try a denim skirt or a pair of baggy denim overalls to stay in style.

Maxi Skirts

The maxi skirt gained popularity throughout 2022, and it doesn’t show any signs of slowing down in 2023. That makes sense because the maxi skirt is timeless.

Not only are maxi skirts deliciously comfortable, but they are also modest, another trend in women’s clothing. 

Safety, security, and privacy are all significant issues for people today, and women are moving away from revealing clothing. However, Maxi skirts personify common traditional values, and they are both feminine and powerful. 

Try a pencil-line leather maxi skirt with a lacy blouse for a touch of glamour. 

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Digital Lavender

When it comes to color, purple is favored for 2023. Of course, all purples will trend in 2023, but look for lavenders to inspire many clothing fashions. 

In 2023, purple represents “wellness and digital escapism,” according to trend forecast agency WGSN. As the world struggles to free its grasp from the effects of a global pandemic, wellness and digital escapism are relatable themes.

According to WGSN, the specific color to look for in 2023 is Digital Lavender, which elicits calm and serenity. Digital lavender will include all genders and helps promote physical, mental, and emotional healing. 

You’ll love the effects of lavender so much that you’ll want to wear it every day. Try a digital lavender trench coat for spring, and you’ll love yourself and the world even more.

The Fringe in 2023

Fashion trends will highlight textures in 2023, and fringes and tassels will be in the limelight after Anne Hathaway’s fringe dress debuted on the fall runway. 

Fringes and tassels are fun and a little surprising, which is an element that everyone needs. People like to live on the edge, and fringes and tassels make that happen.

Fringe is flirty, and it lightens the mood. Try a tassel tie knit sweater dress with a pair of cork wedges to get some fringe into your wardrobe. Beachwear is another fantastic way to get your fringe on.

2023 fashion styles (Photo by Ali Pazani)
(Photo by Ali Pazani)

Bomber Jackets

Bomber jackets first became popular in mainstream fashion in the 1960s to 1980s. Back then, people wore bomber jackets in dark colors, but the grunge movement and other countercultures co-opted the trend, and it became less fashionable.

Now, though, bomber jackets are ready to become the focus of our attention in a brand new way. Look for bomber jackets in various colors and prints, from florals to checkers. There’s nothing dark about these bomber jackets.

Bomber jackets can be cropped, oversized, or form-fitting, and they look great layered over a dress. Mix things up with a pair of military boots, and you’ll be hitting the highs and lows of the fashion industry.


Remember when you worked from home and didn’t have to worry about what to wear to the office? Living in a pair of comfortable wool athleisure pants, a t-shirt, and sneakers wasn’t a bad way to be.

Athleisure wear will remain popular for women going into 2023, especially for young people. Generation Z is environmentally conscious, so they’ll be looking for social media influencers to tell them about the most eco-friendly clothing brands for yoga, jogging, bicycling, and more.

Your athleisure wear doesn’t have to only be a fashion style for the gym in 2023. The best athleisure leggings are versatile activewear pieces that look and feel great, whether working out or heading to the grocery store. 

No other clothing item is as comfortable for a day on the couch, and today, leggings are acceptable in various settings. To dress up your leggings for a night out, they go great with a pair of high heels. Or cover your ankles with ankle boots. Add a fancy top and jewelry, and you’re set for the club.

Feature Photo by Alesia Kazantceva

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