Discover Telluride, One of the Best Ski Towns to Live In

In the world of luxury living, we are always looking for a change in scenery. A new place that allows us to explore in extravagance and delight in the unique offerings around us. Telluride, CO, is one of the United State’s most charming towns with a cottage core feel and world-renowned skiing. If you dream of living in a darling ski town, read on and fall in love with Telluride.

Discover Telluride, Colorado

Telluride is nestled in the southwest region of Colorado and is home to one of the most charming ski towns in the United States. Winter is this town’s shining season. A time for endless outdoor activities and skiing at one of the most beautiful resorts in the US. However, cold weather activities are far from all Telluride has, as the area has much to offer in the warmer seasons as well. Horseback riding, mountain biking, hiking, and kayaking are just a few of the many activities available to explore in the mountains of Telluride.

downtown city of telluride CO best ski towns to live in photo by cole marshall unsplash
Downtown Telluride, CO (Photo by Cole Marshall)

A Bit of History & A Whole Lot of Natural Beauty

Before Telluride was a ski town, it was a mining town. Gold was first discovered in Colorado and set off the Pike’s Peak Gold Rush of 1858. Gold was then discovered in the San Miguel River in 1875, which sparked the settlement of Telluride. The first ski lift of Telluride embarked up the mountain in 1972 as the mining phase of Telluride began to dwindle. Once the final ore carts were brought out of Pandora mine, the people of Telluride began to discover the breathtaking views and mountain landscape of Telluride. One of the most breathtaking landmarks of Telluride is Bridal Veil Falls on the eastern side of town. Bridal Veil Falls is a two-pronged waterfall that powers a hydroelectric power plant that rests at the top of the waterfall. How about having that down the road from your home?

Bridal Veil Falls telluride CO (Photo by Zach Betten)
Bridal Veil Falls (Photo by Zach Betten)

The weather of Telluride is another compelling reason to make the move. The hottest month of the year is July at a nice even average of 74 degrees Fahrenheit. Who could ask for a more perfect summer season? The mountains glow when the fall season comes into full bloom, so you do not want to miss the crisp autumn air on your scenic hike! The season Telluride is most well known for is the winter. The average temperature is about 42 degrees Fahrenheit, with a low of 15 degrees between November and March. The winters come with an average snowfall of 167 inches per year in town and 280 inches on the mountain. Making Telluride one of the best ski towns to live in for a very apparent reason.

Your New Moutain Home

Telluride long-time residents and real estate/lifestyle experts Ben Jackson and Andrew Williamson of JW Group Real Estate note that one of the beauties of living in Telluride, CO, is that it has something for everyone each season. Top this with the area’s luxuriously designed homes, spanning in style from mountain to modern, while almost always designed to enjoy the natural surroundings. And it is clear why Telluride is truly an ideal place to call home.

One of the best ways to learn about an area is through local experts, which is why working with a top-notch real estate team is a must if you are looking to relocate. When it comes to Telluride, the JW Group, an entity of the Telluride Real Estate Corporation and Forbes Global Properties, is an expert you want to know. Dedicated to helping individuals and families find their perfect mountain home and enjoy the best of Telluride, the JW Group offers a beautiful selection of properties along with great insights on dining, shopping, activities, and more.

Want a river view? Here it is!

Log Cabin home best ski towns to live in

Set on the San Miguel River, where you can literally travel by raft or kayak back home, this luxurious log cabin residence in Placerville, CO, awaits you. This charming home features a 1,500 sqft deck overlooking the river while boasting a hot tub, outdoor fireplace, bar, and grill. The remaining two bedrooms are both ensuite, along with a living/dining perfect for entertaining or soaking up the outdoor beauty. More photos coming soon.

Prefer a mountain hideaway? Telluride, CO has this too.

When we think of scenic views, the most spectacular ones often include sunrises and sunsets. If you love the idea of living with rising and setting sun views, the mountain hideaway condo on Sunny Ridge Place is for you. With two balconies on the main level and one off the master suite, enjoying the views will never get old! In addition, you also have a unique view of the Wilson range and Telluride Ski Resort. Inside, the feeling is instantly home with beautiful mountain cozy decor, fireplaces, and natural materials galore.

Sunny Ridge Place near Telluride
Sunny Ridge Place near Telluride
intuition dining table koket round ribbon brass and gold and black

So Many Things to Do

One of the things we all consider when contemplating moving is what it will feel like to live in a new area. Will I have a favorite coffee shop, or will I like the grocery store? What will I do on my weekends and evenings? Telluride offers something for everyone to enjoy. With the fall season upon us, Telluride is ready for a season full of festivities. The Telluride Film Festival and The Blues and Brews Festival are two local favorites that make Telluride a unique destination and opportunity. There is always live music being played on Friday evenings to enjoy and dance along to with your loved ones! 

Picture this: it is a brisk fall morning in Telluride, CO. You are ready to start your morning but need a quick pick-me-up before you take on the day. As you drive through the quaint town, you notice the sign for the most adorable Colorado coffee shop: The Coffee Cowboy. This coffee shop is delightfully quaint, set in an adorable vintage coffee cart. At this outdoor coffee cart, you find the pick-me-up you were looking for in the most decadent array of coffee.

the coffee cowboy colorado
The Coffee Cowboy

Really, One of the Best Ski Towns to Live In!

Though the fall festivities are fantastic in Telluride, the town is most well-known for its incredible skiing. Thus making it one of the best ski towns to live in America and around the world! Each year at the end of November, the Telluride ski season opens, and a new winter of ripping through fresh layers of Colorado snow begins.

Telluride Ski Resort has 19 lifts ready to transport you across 148 trails. Keep dreaming, and check out the full trail guide of the ski resort here! One of the main components of the Telluride ski culture that makes it so alluring is that while it is a Vail ski resort partner, it is not owned by Vail, allowing the mountain to maintain its unique charm. Did we mention that Telluride has some of the best aprés ski to enjoy? Don’t believe us? Try it for yourself! Enjoy a margarita at Gorrono Ranch off the Misty Maiden run. More of a bubbly person? Ski by the Bon Vivant restaurant at 11,000 ft. for a glass of champagne!

Telluride Ski Resort best ski towns to live in colorado america
Telluride Ski Resort

Resort Style Dining & Your Day-to-Day Shopping

After a full day on the mountain, get out and see the charming town of Telluride come to life. Visit the Last Dollar Saloon, known to locals as “The Buck,” for a cold beer and a classic bar environment. After you finish your beer, grab a pizza at the High Pie Pizzeria & Taproom for an incredible tasting experience made only with the finest and freshest local and organic ingredients. Telluride has several local breweries perfect for local weekend excursions. If you want to find the best places to go, we highly suggest following Telluride Lifestyle’s blogs.

Need to stock up your new home, or planning your house-warming soiree? The local Telluride Liquors & Wine Shop and The Market at Telluride are gourmet treasures where you will find everything you need. As far as big shopping centers go, the closest Target to Telluride is about an hour’s drive away in Montrose, CO.

The town of Telluride is home to many stylish clothing shops featuring fabulous outdoor-ready wear, of course. Hook unique home decor & hardware and Between the Covers bookstore are also town highlights.

Telluride Is for the Whole Family

These year-round activities are so fun, but what about when the kids need to head back to school? Telluride Elementary, Intermediate, and High Schools are all near one another, a major convenience if you have kids in multiple grades. Most essentially, the school district is one of the top-rated public school districts in Colorado. If your kids are extra into mountain sports or you prefer something in the private school sector, Telluride Mountain School offers an innovative learning community. Telluride truly is a home for the whole family.

With so much to do and so much to love about every season, the charming town of Telluride, CO, is for sure one of the best ski towns to live in. Take a chance and experience the unique and captivating town that continues to take our breath away. Ready to start home shopping? Let’s go!

Words by Delia Bonner

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