The Best Events for Future Fashion Designers

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This year, there have been many events that may interest aspiring fashion designers. Such events help you get acquainted with the latest fashion trends and emphasize something for yourself. Read on for a selection of fashion events perfect for those interested in entering the world of design.

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Top Events for Future Fashion Designers

New York Fashion Week

First, I would like to recall a significant designer event this year. It’s New York Fashion Week. Shows were held in September. NYFW has become one of the most important events in the last few years. During these six days, there was no shortage of star parties and fashion shows. The program was intense, but the simple format of fashion shows was a significant advantage. This was quite unusual, given that the virtual and hybrid design has been more favored over the past couple of years. So, in 2021, Fashion Week in the metaverse took place for the first time.

Boohoo’s NYFW Runway Show

On September 13, 2022, The Highline fashion show took place. It was the first to showcase the Spring-Summer 2023 collection, which the online store boohoo created with Kourtney Kardashian Barker. By the way, the latter became the official brand ambassador.

The collection includes 45 items of clothing. The cost of models varies from 6 to 100 dollars. Some garments have been made using recycled fibers. With this, the brand sought to demonstrate its commitment to an eco-future. Another feature of the collection is that two products were made from exceptional cotton threads.

FOX’s “MONARCH” Pop-Up Retail Store

In Soho, in September, a fashion show of MONARCH brand clothes took place. The FOX company took part in the organization of the event. The show coincided with the release of a new country series on the channel. For 4 days, many people became acquainted with the collection. The event was FOX’s first for New York Fashion Week.

The biggest problem of the event was the correct design of the space. It was essential to design it to be authentic for the show but still accessible to a broad audience. Most of all, the event organizers suffered with the creation of the pop-up window effect.

La Bodega Baque by UPS and Awake

UPS and New York-based clothing brand Awake have unveiled the latest Latinx clothing collection, which debuted La Bodega Baque. The collection was available in September in Soho. A showcase decorated with paintings by Latin American artist Cristina Martinez greeted visitors.

We want to say a few words about the store’s interior design. At the entrance, a floral mural created by the flower design studio Flower Bodega welcomed attendees. In addition to the new collection, the show also featured the limited edition UPS and Awake “Unidos Para Siempre”, other designer apparel, merchandise, and products from various small businesses.

As part of the exhibition, a stylized truck also drove around Manhattan. Its main goal is to promote the Unidos Para Siempre line. The new collection includes a sweatshirt with a hood, a panama hat, a T-shirt, and a jacket.

Flor de Liz Guior’s NYFW Debut

Another exciting New York Fashion Week event is the Flor de Liz Guior fashion show. The brand was founded in Latin America. Flor de Liz Guior offers clothing and accessories to its customers. Fashion Week in New York has become the most significant event for the brand since its inception. The brand creators were pleased to get to the event; for them, such an event was an excellent opportunity to make themselves known to a broader audience.

ICFL 2023: International Conference on Fashion and Luxury

It is worth mentioning the event that fashion designers are looking forward to next year. We are talking about the International Conference, which will be held on January 30 and 31, 2023, in New York. The conference’s purpose is to bring academic scientists, researchers, and research scientists together in one place to exchange experiences and results in the fashion and luxury field. It is also a magnificent platform for getting acquainted with new products and innovations.

Wrapping Up

This year turned out to be full of exciting events for fashion designers. The following year will not be an exception. For the first time in a long time, fashion shows and other events are held in a simple format, not virtually. Therefore, they are a must to visit.

Feature Image: Tom Ford Ready to Wear Spring/Summer 2022 fashion show as part of the New York Fashion Week on September 12, 2021 in New York City. (Photo by Victor VIRGILE/Gamma-Rapho via Getty Images)

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