6 of the World’s Most Beautiful Restaurant Interiors

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The main reason to visit a restaurant is usually for the food. But there are some restaurants where people line up at the door and book months in advance just for the privilege of sitting in the breathtaking surroundings of outstanding interiors. Some of these restaurants have modern interiors, while others sit in historic buildings with authentic vintage architectural features.

Visiting one of these renowned eateries is a great addition to your travel itinerary. And in the world of social media, where a picture really is worth a thousand words, these restaurants are truly Insta-worthy. These restaurant interiors evoke an emotional response from the customers even before the food reaches the table.

Alchemist | Copenhagen, Denmark

The interior design at the Alchemist is different from all of the others on this list. Set in the former set-building workshop of the Royal Danish Theater, the restaurant covers 22,000 square feet. Studio Duncalf created this fantasy world which features original artwork. It offers an immersive experience with a 3-5 hour sitting that includes a 5-course dinner.

The Michelin-starred restaurant led by Chef Rasmus Munk is in a provocative setting that pushes the boundaries of restaurant design. Imagine being in a dark planetarium, then mix that with features of the aurora borealis, the inside of a jellyfish, and the depths of the earth.

The space covers three levels and several rooms. Just when you think you can’t be surprised anymore, the décor gives you images of popsicles, seahorses, and rainbows. Leave reality behind, and enter this magical world to feast your eyes and your taste buds.

Le Train Bleu | Paris, France

Aptly named for its location at Paris Gare de Lyon, Le Train Blue’s ornate space needs to be seen to be believed. There are high ceilings, chandeliers, and 41 intricate murals covering most walls. Add to that original wood, leather, and brass furniture, sculptures, and carvings. The space was originally created for the Exposition Universelle in 1900. The restaurant chairs are in a deep blue and include both cushioned benches and regular restaurant chairs. Historical figures have sat in these chairs, including Brigitte Bardot, Coco Chanel, and Francois Mitter. Le Train Bleu can seat 250 diners and serves traditional gourmet French cuisine.

AMMO | Hong Kong

AMMO serves Japanese-Italian fusion food in an interior designed by Joyce Wang. The award-winning interior takes its inspiration from the 1965 movie Alphaville and its existing structure, which was a former 19th-century explosives compound. The interior is a chic industrial-style space that shines with metal, copper, and glass. Grabbing your attention as you enter is the beautiful metal fan design on the entire wall behind the bar. Although it is industrial, the design manages to project Hollywood glamor as well. The overall impression is of the bond between nature and art. 

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Lutie’s | Austin, Texas, USA

Lutie’s gives a contemporary twist to the classic garden restaurant making it cooler and more elegant and giving it deeper, richer colors. The 1920s Italian mansion has been turned into an exquisite resort in the heart of town. The décor invokes the legendary soirees that were once held here. Following the vision of an opulent garden party, the designer has added custom floral patterns, marble floors, latticework, wrought-iron furniture, velvet bar stools, and scalloped banquettes. Add to that Murano glass chandeliers to complete the picture. One of the most characteristic features of this design is the collection of large dark green globes suspended among the foliage and beams of the ceiling. Through the windows, diners can see the beautiful estate gardens.

Sketch | London, England

Take the classic English tearoom and turn it up a notch. That is what designer India Mahdavi and artist Yinka Shonibare have done with the whimsical teahouse Sketch. It is a light, happy space created with a clever mix of beautiful golden tones. For years it was known for its pink interior in its Gallery room, but it now boasts golden sunny shades. It manages to be both classic and quirky, elegant and fun. Sink into one of the comfortable cushioned armchairs or luxuriously padded restaurant booths.

Housed in a three-story Georgian townhouse, the restaurant is full of interesting works of art. Spot the hopscotch court painted on the floor, the glittering portrait of the late Queen, the hand-painted wooden masks, and the mechanical sculpture. In addition to the renowned interior of the Gallery tearoom, Sketch also features the stunning gardenesque Glade room, the pattern-filled Parlour, and The Lecture Room and Library are also all filled with brilliant design.

The Little Door | Hollywood, California, USA

This intimate and airy restaurant interior draws its inspiration from the classic Parisian brasserie and combines it with a cool Californian vibe. But the overall impression at The Litte Door is of old-world charm in a bright courtyard. Ferns and palms crowd the space where comfortable seating in shades of Mediterranean blue with miss-matched scatter cushions surround solid raw wooden tables. The restaurant serves farm-to-table cuisine and elegant cocktails.

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