Top Diamond Rare Carat Cuts for Men of All Ages

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Let’s get something straight—diamonds are not just a woman’s best friend. While you’re likely to see a fair share of women walking around with diamond rings on their fingers or necklaces around their necks, there is nothing stopping men from showing off this precious stone too.

Some men like to show off their love for diamond jewelry by flaunting them in more masculine ways, like having them embedded into their watches or cufflinks. For example, Drake was recently in the news for showing off a necklace featuring 42 diamonds that represent ‘engagement rings’ for the times he almost proposed.

If you’re thinking about getting some diamond bling yourself, here are some options from Rare Carat that look good on any man, regardless of age.

Asscher Cut

asscher cut diamond

The Asscher Cut is what you need if you’re looking for a classic yet sophisticated look. The square shape is among the most popular diamond cuts because it allows light to move through each facet and reflect in a way that makes your eye shine. The 57 facets are arranged in an octagonal pattern that amplifies the colors of your diamond as well as its brilliance.

Asscher Cuts are more expensive than other square cuts because they’re rarer than other cuts. Like with any gemstone, when fewer stones are available on the market, prices tend to go up. So if you want something rare and beautiful and can afford it, look no further than an Asscher Cut.

Cushion Cut

There’s something undeniably appealing about the cushion cut. It has a reputation for being one of the most classic diamond cuts, and it’s undoubtedly a good choice for men who want to look stylish and elegant.

The cushion cut was initially designed by Marcel Tolkowsky, who developed a set of proportions based on how light interacts with diamonds to give them their sparkle. These proportions were later refined by other gem experts like Antwerp-based diamond cutter Jacques Cartier, who created his version of the cushion cut that included rounded edges instead of angular ones.

Cushions come in several variations, some have square facets while others feature rounded ones, but all cushions share specific characteristics. They have high crowns and low pavilions. The rounder you want your stone, the more likely your jeweler will use these proportions when cutting it into a cushion shape.

Pear Cut

The pear cut is a square-shaped diamond. It has a pointed crown and a square pavilion. This stone shape looks good on men of all ages and is incredibly flattering for those with long faces.

Most of the diamond’s width is in its girdle, the widest part of the diamond. And its length is short, making for an elongated appearance when viewed from above or below. The cut also creates sharp corners to accentuate the square shape, making it perfect for those who like their diamonds to look bolder than traditional round ones.

Oval Cut

The oval-cut diamond is an excellent choice for men of all ages. Oval diamonds are classic and timeless, making them a good option for those who want their jewelry to last forever.

Oval-cut diamonds are also ideal for men with a round face shape, as they can help elongate your features and make you look taller. Additionally, if you’re looking to wear your diamond on the ring finger of your left hand, this type of gemstone will complement that style nicely.

Egoist Mirror by Koket

Emerald Cut

The Emerald cut diamond is square with a rectangular cut. It makes it one of the most popular diamond cuts, allowing large diamonds to fit on your finger. The Emerald cut has a lot of sparkle and fire because of its extra facets and bold look.

If you love bold jewelry pieces, this is the right choice. This cut also has a masculine edge compared to other cuts like round or princess-cut diamonds which are more feminine in appearance.

If the Emerald cut is something that appeals to you, Rare Carat has a vast catalog of natural as well as lab-made diamonds in Emerald cut for you to choose from. The website also lets you filter your search through color, clarity, caratage, cut, and price. The Rare Carat reviews state that it makes it convenient for men to pick the best diamond as per their fashion sense and style statement.

Radiant Cut

If you’re looking for a diamond cut that works with every hand and face shape, then radiant cuts, invented in 1977, are the best choice. Not only can men of all ages wear them, but they also look great on smaller hands and larger hands alike.

The radiant cut is unique in that it features three facets – a crown facet, pavilion facets, and girdle facets around the edge of the stone. It makes them incredibly sparkly as light bounces off these different surfaces at every possible angle when you turn it in your hand or look at it from an angle.

Men can rock almost all diamond cuts when they are in a good design.

According to Professional Jeweller, there are 18,000 searches for ‘men’s engagement rings’ every month. Men can rock almost all diamond cuts. The key is a good design. 

The best diamond cut for men is the Radiant Cut, which comes at just over half of the most popular diamonds sold today. This preference is because the cut has many features that work well with masculine features, like its bold appearance and hard lines.

If you’re looking for a type of cut that doesn’t have sharp edges or points, you won’t find yourself left out, either. Cuts such as Cushion cuts and Ovals make soft-edged diamonds perfect for those who don’t want something too sharp or angular on their fingers or around their necks.

Rare Carat is a website with a vast collection of diamonds for men. According to reviews of Rare Carat, the best part about the website is that you can filter gemstones as per the cut and design. That makes it easy to pick the cut that appeals to you the most. So check it out if you are in the market ;).

Wrapping Up

If you are looking to buy a diamond and are wondering which cut is the best, then our advice is to go with the one that suits your style. The most important thing is that your ring looks good on you, so don’t be afraid to try something new.

Feature Image: Photo by Jacob Vega | Unsplash
Diamond Drawings: Paul Noillimrev | Wikimedia

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