Discover the Desert Safari in Dubai

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The city of Dubai is prevalent for its entertainment, cultural wealth, ultramodern architecture, trailblazing developments, and opulent life. Dubai has evolved from a bare desert into one of the most exquisite cities in the entire world. A perfect blend of rich original heritage and modernity is exactly what Dubai is!

To view Dubai means you must check out the desert safari, which is loaded with thrilling experiences and memorable sandy rides. Dubai is the perfect vacation destination for all adventure fanatics around the world.

This desert safari is regarded as the most impressive and fun experience in the city of Dubai. Sounds exciting, right? Well, it will be more exciting to be there and experience the desert safari in Dubai yourself. Try it!

Read on to discover what activities to know before venturing into the desert safari in Dubai:

1. Sand Ski

One of the exciting things to do on the desert safari in Dubai is sand skiing. This will totally break your boredom cage. Moreover, it replenishes you with much enthusiasm and vibrancy. 

Furthermore, it reduces stress as you ski through the sand dunes on the Dubai desert safari. The most suitable time to try sand skiing is either before sunrise or in the evening. We suggest you wear some lightweight to enjoy the Dubai desert safari.

2. Thrilling Dune Bashing

If you are an adrenaline rush enthusiast, check this out. Imagine riding at altering speeds over immense dunes via the breeze across the Arabian desert. 

This 45-minute jeep ride will give you a stimulating experience like none other during the Dubai desert safari. This dune ride is for adventure lovers who will take utmost responsibility for the enjoyment and fascinating adventure.

3. Breathtaking View in Hot Air Balloon

You will witness the Hot air balloon floating above 400 feet, presenting you with the perfect 360-degree panorama. Moreover, it is one of the bewitching and memorable activities to experience while on a desert safari in Dubai.

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4. Eyecatching Sunrise & Sunset

The sunrise makes the sky golden, and the sunset turns the sky crimson which is perfect for all nature buffs. You may capture incredible candid pictures for your Instagram. 

Witnessing the sunrise and sunset in person will give you much pleasure and satisfaction. The first sunray is the perfect manner to begin your day, and the desert safari in Dubai makes it happen for you. 

Moreover, the golden-colored sand dunes of the Arabian desert will change themselves into many shades of colors during various hours of the daytime.

5. A Bumpy Camel Ride

Trying the bumpy camel ride is exciting and fun at the same time. Just sitting on a camel and viewing the dunes around will turn into a memorable tour of the Arabian desert. However, it may be a 30-minute ride to be amidst nature. We recommend you undertake this adventure during the sunrise or during the sunset.

6. Quad Biking

This ride is an activity packed with adventure. For Quad biking, you don’t need any kind of special license or formal training to ride it. Moreover, this is an automated quad bike, but its control is totally with the rider. The rider’s safety is taken care of. So you will be wearing a helmet and sunglasses.

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7) Overnight Safari with Exhilarating Activities & Buffet Dinner

The overnight desert safari is indeed a sensational experience with all the exhilarating activities like bonfires, Arabian nights, stargazing, romantic rides in there, and yummy dinner. 

Sightseers will appreciate dinner along with a bunch of amusement which have Arabian music, belly dancing, fire eating, and more. 

You may chill at the desert camp and look at the stars with a cup of Arabian coffee. A perfect combo to spend the night in the enormous desert.

Summing It Up

We guess you now understand the allure of the desert safari in Dubai. To escape from the hustle of the modern city and experience the sereneness of the Arabian desert, you must check out this desert activity.

If you read the post, you will know what things to know beforehand. Proceed according to your wish to whichever activity suits you in all ways. But we highly suggest trying the Dubai desert safari.

Moreover, this Dubai desert safari will provide you peace while in the Arabian desert. So travel there and enjoy the calmness of the desert, as Dubai provides you with unforgettable and fun moments. Come on, guys. Give your monotonous life a tiny little break!

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