in.Vulgar, portuguese food to repeat

It is in Lisbon, at the intersection of the historic Rua dos Fanqueiros and the emblematic Praça da Figueira, that you can find the Restaurant in.Vulgar. This promises to be a place to taste unusual flavors, as the name implies in the Portuguese language.

Although it is a recent restaurant, as it opened in 2022, it is already an almost obligatory stop for tourists.

Discover the Wonders of Portuguese Food with in.Vulgar Restaurant

The Restaurant & Menu

This is, without a doubt, a wonderful place to go with friends and family to taste unusual flavors, in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere, with excellent service.

The restaurant has a friendly and elegant ambiance, with amazing service. It is a restaurant that brings together the history of downtown Lisbon in a harmonious and sophisticated way. The room is in shades of gold and black, and in the center of the room is the bar area, where cocktails and other drinks are prepared to the sound of ambient music with a musical touch that enlivens the experience.

in.Vulgar Restaurant interior decoration

Portuguese food is always in the spotlight and is the totally differentiating factor! Above all, the gastronomic proposals are inspired by Portuguese traditions and made with a contemporary touch that makes all the difference and turns the restaurant into an experience to repeat.

food at in.vulgar restaurant
food at in.vulgar restaurant

This is also motivated because the restaurant’s menu is renewed four times a year, considering the seasons’ products, which allows customers to try different types of meals. In other words, the menu frequently presents new creations by the chef.

In addition to the food, the journey from north to south of Portugal through the wine list is worth highlighting.

Thus, the restaurant proposes good food with a contemporary touch. The experience makes you absolutely want to repeat it.

tabu cocktail table koket

Meet The Chef

The kitchen at the in.Vulgar restaurant is led by Chef Hélder Martins.

Actually, his rich professional experience is the great success factor in the dishes he makes. In his repotoire, it is possible to find names like the Fat Duck, Arzak, L´Olive, Terreiro do paço, and Tavares Rico.

Now, through cooking, he expresses his identity and way of looking at the profession – based on feelings. The memory of flavors is the key factor.

portuguese food
portuguese food in in.vulgar restaurant

Make your reservation here and enjoy an exquisite gastronomic experience at the in.Vulgar Restaurant.

Words by Sílvia Oliveira
All Images Courtesy of in.Vulgar Restaurant

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