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What if you could skip the complex care instructions, the long list of don’ts, the always-putting-it-on-and-taking-it-off that comes with wearing fine jewelry? Meet Hong Kong’s newest jewelry company LUAH. 

LUAH crafts Lifeproof jewelry designed specifically for people on the go, because fine jewelry should go everywhere you do. Go swimming, enjoy a sweaty gym-sesh, or tear up the dance floor—all without clutching your pearls. At Lh we say, yes, please!

Introducing Jewelry Without Limits

LUAH’s story starts with a common problem. Like so many others, the founders of LUAH were tired of jewelry that couldn’t keep up with their active lifestyles. Their favorites got lost or damaged from constantly taking jewelry on and off. Regular wear resulted in tarnishing and fading. Cheap pieces didn’t last, and fine jewelry was either too fragile or valuable to risk.

And so the idea behind LUAH was born—Lifeproof jewelry that you never had to take off. 

The Challenge

Why does fashion jewelry quickly tarnish and damage your skin when exposed to daily life? The answer is simple. Most everyday jewelry consists of a base metal—brass, copper, or silver. Which is then electroplated with a microscope layer of gold. Even Vermeil jewelry contains just a 2.5 micron layer of gold.

Unfortunately, using such little gold creates jewelry that tarnishes and discolors when exposed to moisture, lotion, and makeup.

On top of that, electroplating isn’t great for the planet. The process involves an exhaustive chemical bath of liquids like acid cleaners, alkaline cleaners, solvents, and abrasives.

The Solution 

Chemically plated jewelry that quickly degrades after a few years didn’t deliver LUAH’s promise of sustainable jewelry that could withstand the demands of every lifestyle. 

So LUAH throughout the playbook. They spent 16 months in product development. Talking to over 30 jewelry manufacturers from 5 countries. Until finally they found their solution. 

Taking inspiration and technology from the luxury watch industry, LUAH combines the highest quality medical-grade metals with advanced vaporized plating technology to deliver hypoallergenic, fade resistant, waterproof and sweatproof jewelry you never have to take off.   

Not only does their plating make every piece more durable, it also doesn’t require environmentally harmful chemical baths, creating less material waste and fewer secondary pollutants.

reve mirror brass and silver round layered mirror wall art

March’s Featured Collection 

This March, LUAH is highlighting its signature gemstone collection. Focused on timeless designs and built for flexible stacking options, LUAH’s gemstone designs are perfect for a diverse compliment of outfits and looks. LUAH maintains a Made Not Mined outlook on gemstones, firmly believing that traceability is key in validating the authenticity of their materials and understanding the environmental and social impact of their pieces. For their signature collection, LUAH is exclusively featuring lab-grown AAA white & blue sapphires and Preciosa crystals sourced from the Czech Republic.    

Amara Blue Sapphire Pendant | SHOP

Amara Blue Sapphire Pendant by LUAH

Iris Crystal Hoops | SHOP

Iris Crystal Hoops by LUAH

Rhea Sapphire Bars | SHOP

Rhea Sapphire Bars by LUAH

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