How to Get into Luxuries Lap with the Ultimate Home Theater

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Each individual wants that “special something” in their home. Some opt to install private spa rooms. Some create scaping garages that mimic football fields in size. And others manifest the cinema experience of their dreams.

Having any of the above creates a feeling of grandeur and luxor for the individual enjoying their amenities. Possessing an otherwise public space attached to your home brings privilege into the perfection of privacy.

Creating a happy, comfortable, and relaxing space for ourselves is a key component of a happy existence. Yet, in many spaces meant as safe havens from the world, we find furniture and design details that don’t align with the vision of luxury in mind.

The Ultimate Home Theater Experience

Taking home theaters, for example, the major component of a home theater besides the screen and projector is the seating. The majority of families, when introduced to the idea, envision tattered bean bags, peeling leather recliners, dirty old carpets, and a hand-me-down couch against the back wall.

However, this visual narrative is constantly being rewritten by one company: Valencia Theater Seating, “Where Italian Tradition and Quality Unite“. Valencia Theater Seating brings upper-class luxury back into an otherwise mundane and average evening.

The Power of the Perfect Recliner

One way they are doing this is by creating luxury leather recliners with an emphasis on style and comfort. Designing ergonomically impactful seating with motorized features and specially engineered leather. 

valencia theater seating luxury leather recliner

Timeless Craftsmanship

Valencia specializes in the craftsmanship of their leather. They specialize in creating the softest, most supple leather for long use and durability. Their leather is carefully treated to maintain most of its natural texture and breathability within the hides themselves. This eliminates the very non-luxurious experience of overheating. Or getting sticky while sitting in your leather seats for long periods. 

valencia home theater seating italian hand craftsmanship


To enhance this experience, ergonomics were added to the styles and series. Valencia ran test trials on their seating using a large group of volunteers to get the best-ranging support and density in their seats for all body types. This reduces any back, neck, or hip aches and pains that you could experience while sitting for long periods. 

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The final touch to their luxury selections is the completely motorized recline, headrest, and lumbar functions. This allows users to bring their comfort into their own hands, as searching and finding the perfect position has never been easier. Valencia utilizes the Leggett and Platt mechanism to provide their incredibly smooth and fast reclining functions. This mechanism is widely known for being the best framework for reclining on the market.

Comfort & Relaxation at their Finest

Luxury items and spaces should provide comfort and relaxation first and foremost. Owning a private home theater customized to your liking is a comfortable luxury. But make sure you fill these spaces with high-quality items that carry that feeling of grandeur throughout the home. These items enhance overall aesthetics and add a sense of elegance, poise, and sophistication to any space.

valencia recliners

Investing in your home and surroundings to elevate feelings of relaxation, ease, and comfort is an expense that truly will last a lifetime. Surrounding yourself with lavish items that fill the vision of luxury in your mind creates a pleasing, impressive, and more aesthetically comforting environment. 

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