Lh Chats Milan & Plastic with Rossana Orlandi & Nicoletta Orlandi Brugnoni


Love Happens journalist Sílvia Oliveira had the pleasure of chatting with internationally renowned art gallery owner and connoisseur of all things beautiful, innovative, and inspiring Rossana Orlandi during Milan Design Week 2023. And our insider chats didn’t stop there as she then met Nicoletta Orlandi Brugononi. Daughter of Rossana and lead on the Ro Plastic Prize, a project powered by the Ro Guiltless Plastic project. Read on and be empowered!

Rossana Orlandi, an Italian Design Force

Rossana Orlandi (Photo Courtesy of)
Rossana Orlandi (Photo Courtesy of Ro Gallery)

Love Happens Mag’s Sílvia Oliveira: Hello Rossana, thank you so much for this interview. It is a pleasure to meet you. What are you most excited about during Milan Design Week 2023?

Rossana Orlandi: Thank you for this interview. I can see that the goal of this Milano Design Week and Salone del Mobile is the enthusiast. The positive energy everybody has from all over the world. Everybody coming together, proposing new ideas and new items with new materials. It’s a very successful time.

Sílvia: Congratulations on the success of the Ro Guiltless Plastic project. We loved seeing the Ro Plastic Prize 2023 finalists’ work on display during design week and learning about the winners. What does the Guiltless plastic project mean to you?

Rossana: That is a super interesting question, but it is not me; it’s my daughter, Nicoletta, she is the curator of this prize. Let me just say a few words about Nicoletta. She is extremely enthusiastic because we received over 640 participants from 69 countries, and for the most part, the projects were all good. So, it’s a great, great season.

Nicoletta will present the prize, and I think it will be difficult for the jury to decide on the winner!

ro plastic prize contestants 2023 guiltless plastic
Ro Plastic Prize 2023 Finalists Exhibition (Photo courtesy of Rossana Orlandi Gallery)

Meet the winners here!

Sílvia: Are there any new artists or brands creating furniture or lighting that you are particularly interested in?

Rossana: I am super honored of the new talents which we present downstairs in the basement. I think they will be a big success. And I’ve got another good news, which is we have been engaged by the Hungarian government to help design. It will be amazing to work in a country which I don’t know, but the people are so nice.

chandra bar stools curvy luxury seating

Sílvia: What is your favorite place in Milan?

My house.

Sílvia: What’s next for Rosanna Orlandi?

Rossana: We are busy now with the Hungarian project. Then we go to Doha where I will be the curator of an exhibition organized by the Italian Embassy about Italian design. That will be very good. That will be in September. So, we are working very hard on that.

Sílvia: We can’t wait. Thank you so much for the interview. It was a pleasure.

Rossana: Big pleasure. We will bring you to Nicoletta now so you can speak with her.

Nicoletta Orlandi Brugnoni & the Ro Plastic Prize

Nicoletta Orlandi Brugnoni
Nicoletta Orlandi Brugnoni (Photo ourtesy of Rossana Orlandi Gallery)

Love Happens Mag’s Sílvia Oliveira: Hello. Thank you so much for this interview. What are you most excited about at Milan Design Week this year?

Nicoletta Orlandi Brugnoni: I am very excited about my Ro Plastic Prize, our Ro Plastic Prize, and the Guiltless Plastic project. Because this year at the fifth edition, more than ever, we have wonderful projects and very aware of the situation and with a powerful message. So, it became true, real, that plastic must not become waste because it is a valuable resource—plastic and waste.

Sílvia: Congratulations on the success of your project. It is amazing. What does the Guiltless project mean to you?

Nicoletta: Everything!

Sílvia: It’s your project, your baby.

Nicoletta: Yes. And most of all, it’s my children’s future. My children, our children’s future, because this is what they must become.

Sílvia: Are there any new artists or brands creating furniture or lighting that you are particularly excited about?

Nicoletta: Yes. From all over the world. Each one of them. Every single applicant and participant. Those who have not made it as finalists. There is some work to be done, but there are such good ideas everywhere. People want to join the changement and the finalists here, well, you will notice it yourself. Top-level, top ideas, top awareness, creativity, functionality, talent. It is all here. You touch it, you see it, and it will go on.

ro plastic prize rossana orlandi gallery
Ro Plastic Prize 2023 Finalists Exhibition (Photo courtesy of Rossana Orlandi Gallery)

Sílvia: What is your favorite place in Milan?

Nicoletta: My favorite place?

Sílvia: Rosanna said that her favorite place in Milan is her house.

Nicoletta: Oh, then I will not say the same. No. I feel good in Milano. When I walk around, I just feel free to walk around. I feel at home everywhere I am, but I just go wander in the streets.

Sílvia: What’s next for Rosanna Orlandi?

Nicoletta: Well, we want to join the world. We want to take projects, good projects, our projects abroad. And we want to exchange with other cultures, other countries, other cities, other people. Make it big, make it everyone’s message. Both design, Rosanna’s view, design, creativity, art, and innovation. An exchange. We take to give, an exchange.

Sílvia: So good. Thank you so much for the interview!

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