Design Your Own Custom Clothing

If you want to design your own custom clothes and make them look professional, there is no need to do it in a hurry. Plenty of custom clothing, from t-shirt design ideas to chic dresses, are out there, but you might not get the right results if you don’t consider certain factors. Here is what you should keep in mind!

Quality of the Fabric

Depending on what fabric you choose for your garment, your custom clothes design may look amazing and last longer – or you might get disappointed. Certain types of fabric absorb liquids easier, and because of this, they go well with various printing methods.

For example, natural fabrics work amazingly well with printing, whereas synthetic fabrics might not yield the same results. Cotton t-shirts are just one example, but plenty of other natural fabrics are out there that you can use with your printing.

If you want your garment to look professional, elegant, and last long, don’t compromise. Always go for quality fabrics when printing garments.

Design Quality

You can indeed use all sorts of designs for your custom shirt to make it look professional. However, you have to consider the quality. For example, you can’t use low-quality images to print on your clothing even if you use suitable fabrics. It will still look bad.

If you have an artwork or design, you must ensure it has a good resolution of at least 300 PPI, which stands for pixels per inch. High-resolution images are sharp and crisp, making your garment look professional. You can’t go wrong in customizing your clothes if you keep resolution in mind!

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Color Matching

Colors play an essential role in custom clothing. However, they don’t always look the same when you print them. This is because monitors might optimize the colors we see on our screen compared to how they will look printed out.

To match your color with the printing, you must view your screen straight-on without overly bright or dark conditions. If you don’t have a good monitor, you can always send your design to other friends and check how it appears on their screens.

Some people have eye-sight issues that prevent them from perceiving colors accurately, so it’s always recommended to have someone else look at the design. But let’s say you don’t have these issues. You can calibrate your screen for more accurate results and ensure that other apps don’t interfere with your color rendering.

If you don’t get the colors right, your custom clothing printing will never look professional. 

Take Inspiration & Follow the Printing Guidelines

Among the last tips you can follow to make your custom clothing look professional is to get inspired by other works. See how others implemented their designs on their clothes and what type of fabrics or programs they used.

Lastly, to ensure that your design looks great on a garment and not just on your screen, follow the printing guidelines offered by the manufacturer. Many printing websites have their own design maker tools and guidelines and how to use them to achieve the best results.

Feature image by Graphe Tween | Unsplash

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