Outdoor Study Space Makeover: 7 Design Tips for Students

outdoor study space makeover

With the nice weather outside, staying home and hitting the books becomes even more challenging. If you keep looking out the window and dreaming about a cozy embrace of spring warmth and sunlight, why not move your study spot outdoors? 

You don’t need to stay cooped up in your room all the time to get good grades. In fact, you can get more benefits if you learn outdoors.

To make your outdoor study sessions effective, you need to have a cozy and comfortable spot. Here are seven tips on how to design it. 

7 Design Tips for a Productive Outdoor Study Space

Researchers prove that nature can boost your cognitive skills and reduce stress. Besides, there are essay writing services that write papers for students. You can delegate a few of your tasks to them and get more time to spend outside walking, socializing, exercising, and enjoying the boost of vitamin D.

1. Look Around and Choose the Spot

Literally, anything can work as an outdoor study spot: from a bench or gazebo to a poolside deck. Yet, it’s best to create a dedicated area, whether a corner of your patio or a full study room. 

A suitable study area outdoors should be private to protect you from distractions. It also helps if it is somewhat enclosed, for example, located by a tree or building. A beautiful landscape will offer a calming visual relief and help you focus. 

2. Invest in Comfortable Furniture

You’ll spend a lot of time studying, so it’s wise to invest in quality, ergonomic furniture. Pick durable, reusable materials that won’t be easily damaged by weather conditions and serve you regardless of the season outside. 

Comfortable Furniture
Photo by Diego Segoviano

You’ll also benefit if you choose flexible furniture that can perform different functions and adapt to your activities. Don’t forget to include a place for storage to keep your supply organized. 

kk by koket whimsical youthful furniture

3. If Home Is Where Your Heart Is, a Study Spot Is Where The WiFi Is

Today learning is nearly impossible without internet access. You need it to stay in touch with peers if you have group projects, take online courses, and use digital resources. Besides, tech tools provide learning support, whether you use an app to manage your schedule or reach out to an MBA essay writer to ask them to write your research paper. So try to integrate the WiFi and power in your outdoor study space. A WiFi range extender is affordable and easy to install in almost any area. 

4. Good Lighting Is a Must 

The best part of learning outside is that you get plenty of natural light. Yet, too much light can also be a problem. For example, if you plan to use your laptop, slightly shaded areas will work best. 

If you prefer to work in the evening or locate a study spot in a dark corner of your patio, get a simple desk lamp. Ideally, you need several sources of light to write and read with comfort. 

gem table lamp koket luxury high end lighting

5. Make It Cozy

What comfort looks like is different for every student. In a nutshell, it’s about personalization. To enrich your experience, add items that can make the area cozy. Throw a few colorful pillows. Hang string lights. Get flowerpots. Such small accents make the space our own and add the elements of your identity and culture. They will help you stay creative and inspired to learn.

6. Bring a Clock

When you’re outside, it’s too easy to lose track of time. Besides, some students prefer to leave their smartphones indoors to avoid distractions. 

To be on schedule, add a clock to your study space. It can help you use the time-blocking and Pomodoro techniques that were found helpful for studying by the best assignment services. A clock will help you manage your time and designate specific time frames for your tasks.

7. Make Sure You Have All the Supplies 

It’s so common for students to go back and forth whenever they need a ruler or a paperclip. It’s needless to say, how distracting this is. You must stock your outdoor study spot with all the necessary supplies. Yet, don’t forget to keep them stored safely and protected from rain, dust, and pets. 

The Bottom Line

It’s time to catch some rays and enjoy productive study sessions outdoors! Grab some snacks and a refreshing drink, and don’t forget your study necessities. 

With our tips, you can design a perfect outdoor space for studying. So get creative and prepare to boost your academic success.

Feature Image by Nguyen Thu Hoai | Unsplash

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