The Best Unisex Sunglasses for Summer

In a world where fashion meets philanthropy, the new unisex sunglasses brand Blackburn is making waves with its innovative approach to eyewear. Founded on quality, inclusivity, and social responsibility principles, Blackburn shines a light on sustainable energy and stylish frames. 

Aligning classic heritage styles with a fresh, contemporary twist, Blackburn’s debut sunglasses collection is both timeless and totally 21st-century. It stars an array of carefully curated array of shades that have funky remixes of classic silhouettes. From mirrored aviators and split-lens cat eyes to oversized rectangular and retro round frames, Blackburn’s sunglasses for men and women will have you Insta-ready.

Shielding the sun while celebrating solar energy

Few accessories have the power to transform your look than sunglasses, but unlike other brands, Blackburn takes sun worship one step further. Carving out a uniquely sustainable niche in the sunglasses market, Blackburn’s unisex sunglasses don’t just protect your eyes from the sun; they help the planet by harnessing its renewable energy. 

How so? Blackburn donates 2% of all annual sales to Stripe’s Climate initiative and GRID Alternatives. This eco-friendly stance helps reduce carbon emissions at scale while supporting the expansion of clean solar energy. 

Stepping out of the corporate world after more than a decade, Stephen Cheung, the founder of Blackburn, shifted his attention to creating fashion as a vehicle for greater change. “Newer generations want the landscape of fashion to change,” explains Cheung. “There’s no greater threat to us now than the health of our climate. We can’t just sit and enjoy the sun without paying it forward. That is why promoting solar energy and increasing its access around the globe felt poetically fitting and critically necessary.”

If that wasn’t sustainable enough, Blackburn is also taking measures to go biodegradable in its acetate production by 2025. Choosing Blackburn will not only elevate your style but help you be climate conscious.

Where Californian cool meets Italian luxury

Designed in LA and made in Italy, Blackburn shades are handcrafted in small batches to guarantee exquisite craftsmanship with the utmost attention to detail. But, with all frames coming in under $90 a pair, these are luxury sunglasses that come with a surprisingly pleasing price tag.

“I found choosing affordable luxury sunglasses to be a challenge,” says Stephen. “Most frames under $100 were mass produced in China and lacked quality. With Blackburn I have created a collection of sunglasses that are handcrafted by family-owned and operated Italian manufacturers, all while keeping the retail price to under $90.”

Lemprica Mirror by KOKET

Each of Blackburn’s seven-frame sunglass styles comes in multiple colorways to help you find that pair that embodies your personal style. Both chic and functional in equal measures, the unisex frames universally and equally appeal to all genders, face shapes, and features. 

“I know everyone – regardless of race or ethnicity – will have their own unique features, explains Stephen. “My mission wasn’t to solve for a one-size-fits-all product. But rather one-size-fits-more. Using simple tweaks like slightly adjusting the nose bridge, or using larger silicone nose pads for better grip, our designs feature modifications to acknowledge diverse faces.”

At the end of the day, Blackburn sunglasses stand as a statement of embracing quality, inclusivity, and sustainability in a rapidly evolving industry.    

Meet the Blackburn family

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Coming in amber, brown, and gray tortoiseshell colorways, Remi’s round frames bring a touch of retro charm to your style. Their classic round shape effortlessly complements any face shape, while Remi’s sleek design exudes a sense of nostalgia.

Remi Shades blackburn


An on-trend blend of vintage aesthetics and modern flair, Nova boasts a bold square shape that exudes confidence and individuality. Available in maple and gray tortoiseshell colourways, Nova makes a fashion-forward statement.

Nova Shades


Putting a 21st century spin on the classic wayfarer style, Avery’s oversized frames come in blue, white, or cream marble. With a larger and more exaggerated silhouette, Avery adds a touch of drama to your look.

Avery shades


Sleek and sophisticated, Dakota’s square metal frames are perfect for those who appreciate minimalist design. Effortlessly blending classic and contemporary aesthetics, Dakota’s graduated lenses come in blue, violet and pink for multi-gender appeal.

Dakota shades


When you want to channel bookishly chic vibes, Harper’s half-rimmed frames will keep you cool from street to beach to BBQ. Find your style with brown tortoiseshell or sea blue colorways.

Harper shades


Orion’s oversized aviator frames with a double bridge will be sure to turn heads – especially if you opt for the vibrant emerald lens tint. Not only does Orion’s larger silhouette give you maximum protection but they embody a statement-making look.

Orion shades


With an exaggerated cat eye shape and unique bridge-crossing frame, Jordan combine elegance and boldness in one stunning design. Pick from graduated brown, plum, yellow, and black lenses to choose your perfect Jordan.

Jordan Shades

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