Brighten Your Interiors with KOKET

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While a dark and dramatic interior can be oh-so alluring, a bright, airy, light-filled space may be more your style. If this is the case, read on as we explore ways to brighten your interiors with our favorite luxury home decor brand, KOKET!

Light & Bright Color Furniture


One of the easiest ways to bring light into your interior is with light and bright-colored furniture finishes. First, in the form of textiles, either for overall upholstery or for accent pillows. Think a luscious pearl silk velvet or a modern-chic bright yellow suede. Solid or patterned fabrics will work if the overall tone is light or bright!

koket deb sofa luxury upholstery brighten interiors unique cream sofa


In addition to light and bright colored fabrics for your upholstered pieces, you can also select light colored finishes. Options like light natural woods, marbles, or lacquers will all serve beautifully.

koket yasmine side table white lacquer, marble and polished brass gold finish with a marble table lamp with a gold polished brass hand

Brilliant Lighting

Beautiful light fixtures are another great way to illuminate interiors. Light itself is, of course, great for brightening a space. But if you look for lighting that is in a light or reflective finish, the effect will be even greater. Chandeliers and sconces with glass and crystal and/or reflective metallic finishes will add beautifully to the overall lightness of your interior.

gia chandelier koket luxury furniture plum curved sofa brighten interiors with lighting

Reflective Surfaces

As noted earlier in this article, reflective surfaces are a great way to brighten your interiors! Glass, marble, and mirrors will do the job perfectly.


Clear glass, yes, but also bronze or smoked tones will work great.

glass round table foyer dining brighten your interior
Premium podium, stand on pastel light background. Unobtrusive background with shadow on the wall – 3D render. Mock up for exhibitions, presentation of products, therapy, relaxation and health.


When it comes to marbles, light tones will, of course, bring in the most brightening power, but if you prefer a darker colored marble, the material’s polished finish will reflect light nicely as well and still add to an overall brighter feel in any space.

pluma gold leaf angel wing sconces kk by koket tears cocktail table with white marble and gold


Last but certainly not least on this mini-list of reflective surfaces, mirror finishes are a fabulous way to brighten your interiors. Go for large decorative wall mirrors for an artful statement. Or a piece of furniture covered in mirror for full-on reflective glamour. The brightening effects of mirror against dark walls will delight you in every way possible!

addicata etched mirror art over spellbound  cabinet in mirror and gold brass flowers

Open Shelving

Bright feeling spaces are defined by their airiness, so opting for open shelving if bookcases are in your repertoire is the way to go.

drapesse bonnet chair pink leather round open gold metal bookcase decadence koket

Lighted Art

If you are looking to decorate your walls while also brightening your interior, lighted art is just the look for you. Art meets wall sconce, and voila!

neurotica sconce wall art lighted sculpture lit metallic ribbon gold koket


Another reflective surface option, shimmering metallics are a great way to brighten your interior while also adding an aura of glamour. From the rich tone of gold to the warmth of copper and the chicness of silver, metallics come in varieties for all occasions. Remember that light-colored furniture we discussed earlier? How about a glimmering gold band on it? If you are looking to bring in the light with tables or cabinets, pieces adorned in metallic are a perfect choice.

koket hypnotic chandelier glass and gold with sofia sofa in white and gold myth cocktail table polished brass two piece round natural inspired coffee table

Eyes on the Floor at DeMorais International

Now to the floor, where we promise you if you lay down a beautiful light or bright colored rug, the atmosphere of your interior will instantly brighten! KOKET’s U.S. point of contact, DeMorais International, offers a fabulous selection of all sorts of unique and inspiring interior design and decor, including a gorgeous selection of rugs along with custom options.

brighten your interiors with koket crystal chandeliers eternity

Accessories from My Object of Desire to Brighten Your Interiors

KOKET’s founder also owns the e-boutique My Object of Desire (aka MOoD), where she gathers her favorite home decor and fashion to share with the world. So, while brightening with KOKET you can also visit MOoD for the perfect accessories to lighten your interiors. Look for accent pillows, tabletop boxes, sculptures, bowls, and so on that are open, light colored, or feature reflective finishes. Think glass or other polished finishes such as lacquer, metallics, or marble.

Wrapping Up

Overall, if you want to brighten your interiors, here’s what you need to remember: light colors, bright colors, reflective finishes, sources of light, and open lines. Happy decorating!

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