Luxury Interior Design Tips

Interior Design Tips - foyer with Floral wallpaper, a geometric tiled floor, a metal console table and four demi-lune stools with teal upholstery and brass bases, mandy stools by koket

Luxury Interior Design Tips

Luxury is something people have been drawn to almost since the beginning of time. However, in today’s ever-changing climate, not even luxury was spared, especially when talking about interior design. While it was once enough to simply decorate a room in a certain style, nowadays, it’s all about combining various styles and aesthetics to create a masterpiece. However, simply combining them won’t do much in terms of luxury. By managing to do so seamlessly, you will create a luxurious wonder. Read more to explore luxury interior design tips, and be inspired to recreate and revamp your space.

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If you want to create a truly magical space, you must find a way to make every single aspect of interior design work together; not only colors, materials, and finishes, but also fabrics and patterns. This may sound complicated, but trust us, it’s not. Let’s see how you can bring a new sense of luxury into your interior design.

Trending Colors

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When choosing the main color of your room, consider consulting Pantone on the trendiest hues for the season. For example, this year’s favorite is Ultra Violet, a particularly vibrant shade of purple that looks simply amazing. Purple has always been considered to be the color of royalty, so implementing it in your design will only make you and your guests feel lush and lavish.

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However, if you find the nuance to be too overwhelming for your walls, you can introduce it through furniture pieces, side tables, carpets or statement decor pieces. This color combines well with various neutrals, but it looks even more ravishing when contrasted with black. If you want to make a true luxury statement, consider creating a black accent wall, adding a sofa in Ultra Violet and wrapping together the entire look with black and white throw pillows and geometric patterns.

Make Room for the Organic

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Organic materials have once again found their way into interior design, and this time, they are here to stay. The raw beauty of natural materials, such as wood or stone, is enough to understand why these elements will never go out of style. To accentuate that beauty even further, try coupling them with more toned-down materials such as marble and various metals.

fireplace, interior design, interior design tips, neutral colors, organic interiors, interior design inspiration  Interior Design by Ferris Rafauli

To truly make a statement, combine a natural stone fireplace with a customized bed frame design, and enhance the entire look with wrought iron lighting fixtures. This will not only make the entire room feel deluxe, but it will also create a sense of serenity, which is very desirable in rooms such as the bedroom. For an additional sense of relaxation, implement some lush green plants into the room that will give the necessary softness to the room’s overall look and make the air in it more clean and healthy.

Think About the Patterns

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Patterns are another element that plays a vital role in any interior design. While, over the years, we had the opportunity to see the rise and fall of patterns that featured the once-so-popular flamingos and pineapple, there are certain patterns that will never lose their popularity. Of course, we’re talking about geometric patterns and, for those of you with a more delicate, feminine taste, florals.

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One factor that makes geometric designs so appealing is their versatility. You can opt for either elaborate designs or more toned-down patterns, like stripes. Try florals for a bold statement that is always in trend. With florals comes endless possibilities. In order to have a real wow effect, think about implementing these patterns into the rooms they are not traditionally found in, like the bathroom or the kitchen. Also, striped patterns in bold colors look amazing in narrow spaces, such as hallways, especially if broken up with decor pieces like gold-framed photos or statement mirrors.

Other Worthy Mentions

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For another luxurious interior design tip that will luxe up your space, consider the amount of furniture and pieces you add to each interior. Bulkier and fewer furniture pieces is the right way to go, as well as taller furniture; stylish window treatments – heavy lush drapes layered over light sheer curtains will make the room exude elegance, especially if you hang them as close to the ceiling as possible; this will make the space seem taller. Add rich fabrics and fashionable rugs for extra mod indulgence. For truly luxurious aura, you should consider all the aspects of interior design and don’t shy away from thinking outside the box. Be bold and imaginative in your décor decisions, the results will be a fabulous space worthy of a cover on the most prestigious décor publication.

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