Best of 2018: Lh's Top 25 Articles of 2018

pink floral tile mural by SICIS - love happens best of 2018 - top articles of 2018

At Love Happens, we strive to curate inspiring content for our readers. Now that 2018 is coming to an end, we wanted to reflect on the best of 2018, our most popular articles of the year, chosen and read by our loving community! Enjoy!

Best of 2018: Fashion

Italian Shoe Brands We Love

best of 2018 - Oscar Tiye - Italian Shoe Brands We Love - made in italy - italian shoes - luxury shoes - famous italian shoe designers - Amina Muaddi and Irina Curutz

Source: Oscar Tiye

Italian’s have spent thousands of years perfecting the design and craftsmanship of shoes so it is no surprise that many of the most beautiful and luxurious shoes come from Italian shoe brands. Check out 8 of our favorites!
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35 Looks We Love from Haute Couture Paris Fashion Week 2018

best of 2018 - Haute Couture Paris Fashion Week Spring 2018 - Alexandre Vauthier - Photo via The Impression - fashion trends 2018 - fashion styles 2018 - spring 2018 couture runway elie saab spring 2018 paris

Alexandre Vauthier Paris Haute Couture Spring 2018. Source: The Impression.

Most of us will never actually wear the fashion styles shown at Paris Haute Couture, but oh how we love seeing the amazing creations presented by our favorite designer brands! Here are 35 Spring/Summer 2018 looks we love from Haute Couture Paris Fashion Week 2018!
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Luxury Streetwear Taking Over The Fashion Business

Luxury Streatwear - Dapper Dan's First Gucci Collection - Source Gucci

Dapper Dan’s First Gucci Collection. Source: Gucci.

Luxury streetwear is everywhere – read on to learn more about this fashion trend that is currently shaping the entire fashion business!
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Inspired by Victoria Chi and VICA Custom Exotic Custom Leather Accessories

Victoria Chi walks with the iconic Empress handbag in red python leather £1,500, 24x17x6 cm. Picture-Olegas Daghool. Styling-Leisel Vella. M

Victoria Chi walks with the iconic Empress handbag in red python leather by VICA Custom. Source: Photo by Olegas Daghool, Styling by Leisel Vella and Make-up by Isreal Cozas Garcias.

If you love exotic skins and custom leather accessories you must meet VICA Custom and its founder Victoria Chi! Bespoke glamour awaits!

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Best of 2018: Interior Design

Interior Design Trends 2018: 15 Hot Home Decor Ideas for the Perfect Interior

best of 2018 - SICIS Mosaic Tile Mural - Interior Design Trends 2018 - home decor ideas - interior design ideas

Mosaic Tile Mural by SICIS. Source: SICIS.

From bold colors and flowing curves to fun embellishments and glamorous finishes, Lh’s Interior Design Trends 2018 list is sure to spark some creative ideas for creating your perfect interior atmosphere!
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Luxury Interior Design Tips

Interior Design Tips - foyer with Floral wallpaper, a geometric tiled floor, a metal console table and four demi-lune stools with teal upholstery and brass bases, mandy stools by koket - best of 2018

Mandy Stools by KOKET in a Stunning Foyer by @simply_the_design.

While it was once enough to simply decorate a room in a certain style, nowadays, it’s all about combining various styles and aesthetics to create a masterpiece. Explore luxury interior design tips, and be inspired to recreate and revamp your space!
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black stingray leather covered console table - temptation console by koket

5 Key Considerations for Your Next Office Interior Design Project

Office Interior Design Ideas - Homepolish Office - Interior Design by Noa Santos. Photo by Julia Robbs - office design - modern cubicles - unique cubicles - ergonomic office chairs - ergonomic office furniture - best of 2018

Interior Design by Noa Santos. Source: Photo by Julia Robbs.

You’ve started your own business, and its progress has been going well. Suddenly, you feel as though you’re missing something and decide that an interior redesign is what you need. With much to think about, such as selecting textiles and floor design, you may not be sure where to start. Explore the following five office interior design ideas before you begin your next major redesign project.
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The Art of Layering Rugs: How to Master the Trend

The Art of Layering rugs - Interior by Tharon Anderson. Image via Elle Decor, Photo by Lesley Unruh - best of 2018

Interior by Tharon Anderson. Source: Image via Elle Decor, Photo by Lesley Unruh.

Rugs play such an important role in interior design. A relatively new trend of layering rugs is a game-changer. It adds extra texture, makes rooms warmer, and instantly transforms entire interiors into innovative and creative spaces. Still, there is much more to layering rugs than just adding one on top of another.
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Best of 2018: Travel

The Luxurious Villas of Lake Como

lake como, villas of lake como, lake como villas - best of 2018

Source: Photo by Janoka82 via iStock

Lake Como is an idyllic Italian getaway! Travel to Northern Italy and enjoy awe-inspiring art, history, and beauty in the luxurious villas of Lake Como.
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15 Top Luxury Hotels and Suites by Fashion Designers

Grand Piano Suite Claridges London - Luxury Hotels - Fashion Designer Hotels - Diane von Furstenberg - best of 2018

Source: Claridge’s

When it comes to luxury hotels some of the most glorious designs were created by and or branded by renowned fashion designers. Experience their glamour!
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Best Beaches in Europe: Top Private Beach Clubs

Best beaches in Europe, best beach clubs in spain, best beach clubs in mallorca, top private beach clubs in spain - best of 2018

Source: Purobeach

In need of a romantic vacation, family getaway, or girls-trip destination? Explore the best beaches in Europe and relax at luxuriously exclusive beach clubs. Find white-sand beaches, shimmering blue waters, amazing gastronomical experience, and five-star service at Love Happens favorite top private beach clubs!
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Design Lover’s Guide to Portugal: Things to Do In Portugal for Architecture, Art & Design Lovers

Luis Onofre Porto - Mandy Stools by KOKET - Design Lovers Guide to Portugal - Things to Do In Portugal for Architecture, Art & Design Lovers - luxury in portugal - things to do in porto - things to do in lisbon - best shopping in portugal - best shopping in porto - best shopping in lisbon - most beautiful buildings in portugal - design in portugal - art in portugal - best musuems in portugal - best shoe stores in portugal - most beautiful places in portugal - best beaches in portugal - most beautiful beaches in portugal - most beautiful things to do in portugal - portugal for design lovers - best of 2018

Luis Onofre Shop, Porto. Source:

Portugal is a design lover’s dream! From gorgeous mountain landscapes and ocean views, fabulous shopping and eccentric gastronomic experiences, and informative historical museums—explore things to do in Portugal. Find the country’s greatest design treasures at Love Happens!
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Paris Attractions: Design Lover’s Guide to Paris by LUXE City Guides

Paris Attractions: Design Lover's Guide to Paris by LUXE City Guides - best of 2018

Design Lover’s Guide to Paris by Luxe City Guides. Love Happens Volume 1.

If you’re looking to hit all the tourist spots in Paris, this is not the guide for you. Packed with astute, opinionated information for modern, sophisticated travelers, this guide will bring you to sexy, romantic bars, elegantly-designed hotels, must-see art museums and all the best places to indulge your shopping sweet tooth. Are you ready to see Paris as you’ve never seen her before?
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Best of 2018: Women Empowerment

10 Questions with KOKET: Get to Know the Women and Men Behind the Luxury Furniture Brand

10 Questions with KOKET - The KOKET Team - luxury furniture - luxury upholstery - unique lighting - designer furniture - janet morais - the story of koket - best of 2018
Meet the team of women and men who passionately and tirelessly create moments of design seduction and bring the luxury furniture brand KOKET to the world!
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15 Famous Feminist Quotes to Inspire and Empower

famous feminist quotes - beyonce - women empowerment quotes - women empowering women - best of 2018

Beyonce. Source: Photo by Pete Sekesan from New York, USA via Wikimedia

For the last day of our week-long celebration of International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month here are 15 famous feminist quotes by women who use their powerful voices for good! Their words of wisdom inspire and empower us to be the best women (and people!) we can be – we hope they do the same for you!
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Lh Chats with Edie Rodriguez: Women Empowering Women in The World of Luxury Living

Edie Rodriguez in Iceland on Ponant Cruises newest ship Le Lapérouse - luxury travel - luxury expedition travel - luxury cruises - women empowering women - women empowerment - luxury travel executives - women in luxury - best of 2018

Edie Rodriguez in Iceland on Ponant Cruises newest ship Le Lapérouse, 2018.

Meet the queen of the luxury travel industry! Edie Rodriguez’s passion, mini-mantras, authenticity, openness, and grace are truly inspiring!
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Women Empowerment: Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie - Women Empowerment - Women's Rights - Female Empowerment - Empowering Women - Girl Power - Women in Entertainment

Source: Photo by Gabe Skidmore via Flickr

As a successful actress and director, Angelina Jolie understands the power and influence of art in culture. It’s Jolie’s wish that women all over the world be extended the same freedoms. She wants to tell intriguing stories, not for the sake of Hollywood, but for the impact that these stories have on real lives, especially women throughout the world.
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Best of 2018: Shopping

12 Luxury Brands We Love

Betelges AMB1 SICIS - brands we love - best of 2018

Source: SICIS

Our Spring 2018 Brands We Love list features a curated list of luxury brands we love! This is a must read!
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Shopping in Paris? Don’t Miss The Best Vintage Shops Paris Has to Offer

Vintage Shops Paris - Free 'P' Star Vintage shopping in Le Marais Paris - Source Free 'P' Star - vintage shopping in paris - best vintage stores in paris

Source: @pagefreepstar

If you are love vintage fashion then shopping in Paris is a must! Plan your tour of the best vintage shops Paris has to offer with Lh’s top picks!
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Art for Thought: Artemest

artemest - made in italy - porcelain art - ATTIMO CERAMIC WALL SCULPTURE BY ROBERTO CAMBI, SHOP ON ARTEMEST.COM - best of 2018

Attimo Ceramic Wall Sculpture by Roberto Cambi, Shop on

Artemest brings luxury, Italian items to your fingertips – explore a few of our favorite artisans featured on this inspiring e-commerce site!
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A Must-See Source for Antique and Vintage Furniture Finds

decaso vintage furniture - vintage lighting - modernist furniture - antiques - antique furniture - antiques online - top antique dealers - best of 2018
If you are hunting for unique vintage furniture treasures you must visit DECASO! Lh went fantasy shopping – check out the amazing designs we found!
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Best of 2018: Art

Food Art: Meet the Chefs Who Make Dishes Almost Too Stunning to Eat

The Art of Food, Fine Dining, Chef Nick Pitthayanont, Nick Pitthayanont, Culinary, Fine Dining, best restaurants - best of 2018

Plate by Chef Nick Pitthayanont. Source: Photo Courtesy of Nick Pitthayanont.

These world-renowned chefs are changing how people view art and dining. Check out this guide to some of their most famous and delicious food art dishes.
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Art for Thought: My Modern Met – A Must See Site for Art News

Art for Thought: My Modern Met - A Must See Site for Art News - Art by Victoria Villasana - Marilyn Monroe

Art by Textile Artist Victoria Villasana

Discover an amazing world of artistry, innovation, and creation—be inspired by My Modern Met!
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Lewis Miller Design and the Magic of Extraordinary Floral Design

Lewis Miller Design and the Magic of Extraordinary Floral Design

Source: Lewis Miller Design

Stunning and inspiring history about Lewis Miller Design and how did Lewis touched the heart of people all over the world.
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The Allure of the One-Stroke Dragon: Keisuke Teshima and the Art of Hitofude Ryu

One-Stroke Dragon - Keisuke Teshima - Hitofude Ryu Dragon - ippitsuryu - traditional japanese art - japanese artists

Source: One-Stroke Dragon

Keisuke Teshima’s One-Stroke Dragon paintings bring the impressive art of traditional Japanese hitofude ryu and dragons symbolic good fortune to the world!
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brass accent chair with black leather upholstery - asia chair by koket

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