The Finer Things: Adding A Layer of Luxury to Your Home Interior

Whether you live in a flat in the heart of a bustling metropolis or a secluded cottage in the rural countryside, there is one constant—we all want a little luxury in our home interior. So, today, we’ll walk you through how you can satisfy your taste for the finer things in life by adding a layer of luxury to each room of your home, ensuring it’s set apart from the rest.

The Bedroom

The secret to a luxury bedroom is a great night’s sleep—after all, you deserve to sleep like royalty.

To sleep like royalty, you need a bed fit for a king and queen, so look for a bed frame that really ramps up the wow-factor through elegance and sophistication. If your room boasts vertical space, emphasize it through the addition of a four-poster canopy that naturally draws the eye upwards—all while adding to the ultimate feeling of luxury through this timelessly chic and grandiose bedroom feature.

Luxury interior dream master bedroom by Koket
Bedroom by KOKET

The Bed

On the bed itself, you’ll need to seek out thick, insulating layers of the highest quality—especially during these colder winter months. Overfill your throw pillows for plush satisfaction and place them atop a memory foam mattress that you’ll sink right into—perhaps too comfy to ever get back up again…


The Kitchen

Achieving opulence in your kitchen is all about sleek, contemporary style. Picking out fashionable yet functional materials is key, complementing these with the latest in kitchen appliance technology.

luxury interior design Tiffany blue Amazonite stone in a luxury kitchen by Trilbey Gordon Interiors.
Seductive Tiffany blue Amazonite stone in a private residence in Northwest London designed by Trilbey Gordon Interiors.
Photography by Kate Martin

Fitting your floor with a set of sleek kitchen tiles creates a timeless style for a reason—it looks magnificent. Combine this with a set of granite worktops for seamless splendor that guarantees to keep your kitchen looking perennially modern, ensuring ease of maintenance and flawless functionality for a kitchen space of the highest quality.

The Living Room

In communal living spaces like the living and dining room areas, it’s all about those finishing touches.

Although it’s often easy to mistake them as synonymous, luxury doesn’t have to mean overindulgence. On the contrary, luxury is more readily and effectively achieved through a purposeful, minimalist use of space. Though this may sound somewhat counterintuitive, decorating your interior sparingly is a sophisticated approach that emphasizes the room’s key features.

luxury interior design of a living room by Lori Morris
Design by Lori Morris

Finishing Touches

As such, look to add that crowning finishing touch to these spaces with an eye-catching piece that makes a bold style statement. Look for a striking feature that serves as a dramatic focal point in the room, while complementing the functionality and broader design theme of the space. One popular way to approach this is through the use of extravagant lighting features, such as chandeliers—the key is to remember to respect the confines of what the room demands, while simultaneously pushing the boundaries with a stand-out feature.

Voila a Luxury Home Interior

Adding that extra layer of sophistication to your home interior can help you to create an instantly more luxurious feel and quench your thirst for the finer things in life. Whether you’re sleeping like a queen in the bedroom or feasting like a king in the kitchen, following these interior tips will ensure your home is worthy of five stars.

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Suhayl Laher works at Tiles Direct, one of the UK’s largest independent tile distributors and retailers – bringing design inspiration to homeowners, architects, and developers.

fur rugs and fur pillows by koket

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