What to See at Art Basel Hong Kong

The Seven Edition of Art Basel Hong Kong – the biggest annual art event of this city – returns on March 29th for its seventh edition! This three-day takeover of the Hong Kong Convention Centre will feature masterpieces and contemporary artworks from 242 leading international galleries. Divided into eight sections, Art Basel Hong Kong will bring together a range of art by artists, galleries and collectors from around the world.

For collectors, Art Basel Hong Kong is appealing not only for the chance to see a wide range of works in many genres but also because in Hong Kong there’s no tax on the import and export of art.

Art Basel Hong Kong Sectors


The Galleries is the main sector of the show where art from the world’s leading modern and contemporary art galleries is presented. Likewise, this sector will display paintings, sculptures, drawings, installations, photographs, films, video and digital artworks from the 20th and 21st century.

Galleries Sector at Art Basel Hong Kong 2018
Art Basel Hong Kong 2018 – Galleries
Source: Photo via Art Basel


The Insights sector presents precisely-curated projects, highlighting artists from Asia and the Asia-Pacific region. This sector allows insights into artists careers, particular themes and art periods from 1900 through to the present day.


Discoveries will give you a powerful platform to explore emerging contemporary artists, showcasing work by the next generation of talent at an early stage in their career.

Discoveries Sector at Art Basel Hong Kong 2018
Art Basel Hong Kong 2018 – Discoveries
Source: Photo via Art Basel


The Kabinett sector has returned to the show for the third time. During the exhibition, the participants will present curated exhibitions in an architecturally delineated space within their booths. The curatorial concepts in this sector aim to highlight diverse perspectives through thematic group exhibitions, art-historical showcases and solo shows by rising stars.

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Curated by Alexie Glass-Kantor, the Encounters sector is dedicated to presenting large-scale sculpture and installation works by leading artists from around the globe. Basically, it provides visitors the opportunity to see works that overstep the traditional art fair stands.

Encounters Sector at Art Basel Hong Kong 2018
Art Basel Hong Kong 2018 – Encounters
Source: Photo via Art Basel


The Film Sector presents an exciting program of short films and special screenings by and about artists. This year it is curated by Li Zhenhua – Director and Founder of Beijing Art Lab.


Art Basel Hong Kong hosts lots of conversations on topics, concerning the global contemporary art scene. So, Conversations offers a platform for dynamic dialogues between prominent members of the international art world. Each of them discusses their unique perspective on producing, collecting and exhibiting art.


Last but not least, the Magazines is the space where art publications from around the world display their magazines in single stands or the collective booth. Editors and publishers often attend the show and many magazines contribute presentations to Conversations.

Words by Rita Archer

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