How To Be A Kick-Ass Single Mom

How to be a kick-ass single mom - mother's day 2019

Motherhood is a beautiful thing in all its sometimes-unwashed hair to get the kids to school on time, stepping on Legos, carpool to Karate class, glory. Mommas all over the world multitask like a boss in their homes and workplaces and we’re so here for it. Guess what else we’re here for? Single mom life, because there’s nothing more kickass than a woman who can hold down her babies, the bills and her business all on an independent income.

Here’s a look at how the hardest working single mommas might develop some essential practices and thinking patterns into being a strong role model for their kiddos, and kick ass while doing it.

Single Mom Life Is Tough, But You’re Tougher

How to Be a Kick-ass Single Mom - Mothers Day 2019

Let’s face it; it’s overwhelming wearing so many hats. You’re both the mom and the dad, the Master Chef, the doctor, the lawyer, the babysitter and the breadwinner. Whew child! The level of responsibility of relying entirely on you is tough, but the fact that you wake up and do it every day makes you tougher and should be empowering. Own it!

It Takes A Village

A single mom’s beast mode is always turned “on” because there’s no room for an off switch when you’re a solo act. But kick-ass single moms know when to call in the village when they need support and encouragement. Call a friend, family or co-worker when necessary and take a breather.  Asking for help is not a sign of weakness; you’re actually flexing your kick-ass single mom superpower and strength. Cape not required.


Stay In Your Motherhood Magic

Be your biggest cheerleader and believe in your motherhood magic. A kick-ass single mom is never perfect but they are enough. Even if no one has told you that, it MUST be imprinted in your heart I am enough! Acknowledge you have shown yourself to be capable and a conqueror from where you have been to where you are now. You and your journey are worthy. Celebrate and kick ass accordingly.

This Too Shall Pass

Hardships are only for a season. Whether healing from exiting a toxic relationship or experiencing a child custody battle…it’s temporary. Trust the process, you will grow and time heals all. Whether dealing with a whiny terrible two year old or being a soccer mom chauffer… it’s temporary.  The tantrums and sports season will end and eventually, your precious peanut will be graduating HS and driving their own vehicle instead of driving you crazy. Shift your perspectives to seeing the long term.

Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda

Let go of the life you thought you shoulda, woulda, coulda had raising your children in a traditional two-parent family and fall in love with the life of being the kick-ass single mom who’s killing it, accomplished, and more than qualified in raising a kick-ass kid.

Happy Mother’ Day and keep kicking ass mommas!

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Jasmín (Jazzy) Nelson is a true “Jazzy” of all trades. This multifaceted mom boss keeps busy as a journalist, an independent paralegal, Life Coach, photographer, and Juris Doctorate candidate. When she finds free time, you’ll most likely spot her doing yoga and catching good vibes at the beach with her son in beautiful California.

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