5 Royal Colors for a Bold Interior Design

Bold Interior Design featuring Alexia bed by KOKET in black with bold red pillows

An adventurous approach to color will take your interior design from bland to beautiful. While you might feel safe with conventional choices, they’re not memorable and won’t leave a lasting impression on your visitors. A subtle shade of beige has its place in interior design, of course, but so does a bright, bold blue.

It’s time to look at the entire color wheel when deciding on your palette. You shouldn’t feel the need to limit yourself to the standard selection of popular shades homeowners are often advised to adopt. You might end up settling on a unique color you wouldn’t have otherwise considered.

Emerging trends support the potential of unconventional colors and their capacity for transformation within the home. You don’t have to look further than designer Patrick Mele, whose fearless use of color contributed to his meteoric rise to fame. Rich hues make a statement, and his work is evidence of that fact.

With this in mind, how should you approach the subject of bold interior design? What direction should you take your remodel in if you want to make a splash? Here are five royal colors you might find interesting, shades that say, “I’m done with safe, and I’m ready to take a chance on something more.”

1. Bold Red

The color red has a strong association with passion and power. In old-fashioned decor, it symbolized riches, with plush armchairs and faded carpet so dark it was almost purple. Red remains an excellent choice for interior designers who want to energize or boost the mood of residents and guests.

a bold interior design with red chiclet chair by koket and bird wallpaper

Of course, red also serves as an appealing accent in upholstery, pillows and throws. If your decor doesn’t agree with a color as impactful and commanding as red, you can choose more neutral tones like a modern taupe and add a splash of red here and there, sparingly. A strategic approach is best.

2. Royal Blue

Blue is a common color when it comes to interior design, popular for the sense of serenity it creates. A rich, vivid blue is reminiscent of the sea or an evening sky, and it’s an attractive choice for a diverse range of projects. It’s easy to understand the emergence of deep bold blues as a trending color in interior design.

royal blue velvet perfect for a bold interior design

If you see the appeal of royal blue, consider incorporating the color into your cabinetry during your next kitchen remodel. It’s far from the conventional choices you’re likely familiar with, but homeowners are beginning to see the potential of blue kitchen cabinets for the instant personality they bring. If a kitchen remodel isn’t on your list, add a blue velvet sofa or chair!

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3. Regal Purple

As a combination of commanding red and calm blue, the association of purple with royalty makes sense. The right shade of purple feels regal and dramatic, grand and luxurious. At the same time, you have to choose the ideal tone to make the most of this royal color.

regal purple walls in a foyer with a bold interior design

As you determine your color palette, you might find a place for purple on your walls, paired with high-gloss white trim. You can also use a dark, rich purple as a backdrop to bring attention to a collection of fine crystal and antique silver, emphasizing the sheen and luster of these valuables.

4. Emerald Green

The color green represents growth, renewal and nature, a favorite among interior designers for its versatility. Though lighter shades of green are crisp and clean, excellent for kitchens and bathrooms, emerald green shines as a royal color option. You can transform a simple room into an elegant jewel box.

emerald green walls in a foyer with a bold interior design

Whether you choose this color for your powder room or lounge, its intensity and power will make an immediate impact on guests. That said, just a touch of a strong shade of emerald green can go a long way in a home’s interior design. Try using it as a luxurious bold accent, highlighting it rather than overwhelming a room.

5. Striking Gold

striking gold reve mirror by koket in a bold interior design

You’ll accentuate your bold interior design color choices with a subtle, no less striking shade of gold. As an example, a thin line of gold just under your molding is effective, and it won’t overpower your other colors. With the addition of a gilded mirror, you’ll bring a sense of cohesion that draws the room together.

Royal Colors for Bold Interior Design

An adventurous approach to color will take your interior design from bland to beautiful, so set out on your journey. Search for bold, eye-catching royal colors for interior design upgrades.

Choices like bold red, emerald green, and gold can beautify your home like no other. Just remember to maintain a balance in all things design; a little touch of one of these shades can go a long way in giving your space a bolder personality.

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