Luxury Living Room Furniture: 15 of the Best High-End Upholstery Brands

If you are a luxury living room furniture lover like us, then we know you are constantly looking for the best. Love Happens compiled a list of 16 brands that are known for their high-end upholstery. From brands using horn material as their signature to brands inspired by luxurious car interiors, these picks are guaranteed to exceed your expectations, plus more.


Arachor Luxury Living Room Furniture

Archahorn’s speciality is using their signature horn material in anything from accessories to furniture. The brand is one of a kind, made in Italy, chic. In this living room, luxury meets a modern style with geometric shapes and clean cut lines.


Baker Luxury Living Room Furniture

Baker creates a timeless style using integral design, the best natural materials, craftsmanship, and hand coloring. All of these components work together in the beautifully planned finished product.


Bentley Home Luxury Living Room Furniture

The Bentley Home collection carries on the meaning of the standing Bentley name which is pure luxury. The collections rounded edges and logo engraved pieces will make you feel like a million dollars. It is part of the Luxury Living Group.


Bespoke Luxury Living Room Furniture

Ordering custom made, never before realized furniture, is virtually as easy as purchasing an item “off the floor”. Luigi Gentile excels at the “art of custom” by simply taking every precaution to ensure that the item specified, is a perfect symbiosis of style, proportions, comfort, and quality. No effort will be spared in conveying their interpretation of your vision prior to the final execution.


Boca do Lobo Luxury Living Furniture

With their many captivating and creative statement pieces, Boca do Lobo introduces innovation to the home interior while keeping its functional charm. Thus, making each piece a truly unique addition to any space.


Brabbu Luxury Living Room Furniture

Brabbu is a design brand that reflects an intense way of living bringing fierceness, strength, and power into the urban way of living. Even though pieces are Handcrafted in Europe, they’re appreciated worldwide.

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Christopher Guy Luxury Living Room Furniture

An ongoing pursuit of elegance and uncompromising sense of style come together to create luxurious pieces that are at the forefront of the world luxury furnishing market.

Ferrel Mittman

EF + LM Luxury Living Room Furniture

Formerly known as Edward Ferrell + Lewis Mittman, now under new ownership, Ferrell Mittman will continue to be the world leader in upholstered furniture. While keeping their famous classical look, their goal is to create the most trusted, high-quality to-the-trade brand in the industry. 


Fendi Casa Luxury Living Room Furniture

Coming from the Fendi brand, Fendi Casa’s concept is focused on top of the line materials such as mink and sheepskin made by talented craftsmen. Along with Bentley, Fendi Casa is also part of the Luxury Living Group.


Holly Hunt Luxury Living Room Furniture

Holly Hunt is known for her creative and entrepreneurial leadership in the interior design industry through her nationwide showrooms and product excellence. Therefore, as an arbiter of refined taste, her eye for what is now and next has led to her success.


KOKET Luxury Living Room Furniture

Daring design aesthetic, high impact events, lavish presentations, notoriously risque’ ad campaigns, and inspiring editorial have an extraordinary way of conveying KOKET’s mission to inspire, love, and empower through its statement pieces and unique design.


Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams Luxury Living Room Furniture

The Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams brand began with the idea of comfort for all. To this day they stay true to comfort and family-friendly designs, all while staying eco-friendly and Made in America.


Natuzzi Luxury Living Room Furniture

Natuzzi is an Award winning brands for luxury living room furniture that is on the constant search for harmony. The team prides themselves in Quality testing, innovation, international certifications, and the use of renewable energy resources.


Robert Cavalli Luxury Living Room Furniture

Roberto Cavalli Home is a luxurious Interiors brand highlighting exotic patterns, exotic shapes in delicate porcelain, and luxurious silk and velvet.

Each uniquely different in design but all upper end in quality, you cannot go wrong using any of these luxurious companies. We hope you enjoyed seeing some of Lh’s favorite high-end upholstery brands!

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