7 Décor Tips to Create a High Fashion Home

You can think of decorative pieces of home decor as clothing items that will dress up a room. If you think about it like this, home decoration is nothing else but an extended branch of fashion.

That is noticeable in the latest trends. You may not have noticed, but there are many similar trends in both the interior decor and the fashion industry.

Here are 7 rules you may follow when choosing your clothes, which are also very suitable for decorating for a high fashion home:

#1: Pick Unique Pieces and Draw Attention to Them

It is getting harder to be original in both fashion and decoration industries, but many still do it successfully. Do you know how you pick a unique accessory or a piece of clothing that will draw the attention of others? That is the approach you can use when choosing items for your home.

Vengeance Table Lamp & Spellbound Cabinet by KOKET for a High Fashion Home
Vengeance Table Lamp & Spellbound Cabinet by KOKET

You should go with unique items that fit your style and preference. For example, the amazing Enchanted sideboard by KOKET is perfect for those who love fairytale. You can also rest assured that it will attract the attention of anyone who comes to your dining room.

The key thing to remember when using this tip to create your high fashion home is that you should keep things balanced. You shouldn’t pick too many unique items because you don’t want them to draw attention away from each other. 

#2: It Is All About Details and Accessories

Your sweaters, skirts, and jackets matter, but don’t you love it when someone tells you a nice thing about the earrings you are wearing or that belt you picked specifically for the occasion? You made the extra effort to choose that accessory, and most people will notice that.

Pendant Lamp for a High Fashion Home

The rule of carefully choosing the details is also noticeable when it comes to home décor. When we say home décor, we are not talking only about the interior because you should not forget about the exterior either. 

An amazing way to emphasize your home entrance or porch and make it scream high fashion is with outdoor pendant lighting, which will add to the aesthetics and make the exterior of your home look classy. 

#3: Combine Casual and Formal

If you are decorating a living room and want to make it modern and classy, the chances are you can’t find an ideal place for a TV. You may find TVs casual and not on a level that suits the overall room’s décor.

Mirror TV for a High Fashion Home
Mirror TV by Reflectel

TV manufacturers are aware of this problem. That is why they are designing TVs framed in mirrors that can fit any décor. It turns into a mirror to add to the overall graciousness of the room in case important guests are visiting. But if your friends are coming to watch the new show, the room will easily become the ideal place to spend a casual evening!

#4: Add a Touch of Glamour

Fashion experts love combinations that are relatively casual but have that one item that secures sufficient glamor. The item may seem unusual and unfitting for the combination, but it increases the overall aesthetic value of the outfit.

Meta Rug by Rug Society for a High Fashion Home
Meta Rug by Rug Society

It is the same as the rooms inside the house. Why wouldn’t you place a vintage rug in the bathroom? Not only does it look better than a bathmat, but it is also quite durable.

The choice of items to add to the overall value of the room will depend on the room itself and your preference. For example, if you want to consider boosting romance in the bedroom, a fireplace can be a great addition.

#5: Don’t Forget the Comfort

We all love to look pretty, but there is no point in buying uncomfortable shoes. It is the same with the home interior – why would you need a room if you don’t feel comfortable in it, or you can’t use it?

Room Design by Lori Morris for a High Fashion Home
Design by Lori Morris
Photography by Brandon Barré

Many people arrange their living rooms in a way that the items there are only to be looked at, and no one is allowed to touch them. You always have the stress not to break anything, and that is not a way to be comfortable.

According to new fashion trends, you are welcome to put comfort as your top priority. That means your couch shouldn’t only be beautiful, but also comfortable to sit on, and maybe even lie down for an hour or two.

#6: Embrace Retro Style

For years now, we have been reading the news that retro fashion is popular again. If you take a look at how your friends dress, you will surely find at least one that embraced that retro style.

Retro Design by Lori Morris for a High Fashion Home
Design by Lori Morris
Photography by Brandon Barré

You should consider doing the same when decorating for a high fashion home interior. Retro style is back in style again, and you should embrace it, too. It is up to you how “retro” you want your rooms to be. You can go and add a couple of accessories, or decorate the entire home in a retro style. Once people enter, it will be like they entered a time machine and ended up in the period of your choice!

#7: Who Says Neutral Colors Can’t Make an Impact?

If you are a clothing expert, the chances are you can leave people in awe with your appearance even if you use neutral colors. That is why you will often see people wearing all-white combinations. Some consider that taking things to the extreme, but as long as you know what you are doing, it can look beautiful. 

Neutral Bedroom for a High Fashion Home

The same goes for all-white rooms. They may be a great choice if you have just married, or white is your favorite color. You can feel free to experiment with different shades of white, and a couple of accessories here and there in different colors are also welcome.

The Bottom Line

You may be a fashion expert but didn’t think decorating a high fashion home was your strong suit. As you noticed in this article, many rules and trends overlap, so make sure to use them to your advantage. Also, there is no reason why you shouldn’t be a bit creative and experiment. Try out different styles, especially ones you haven’t tested before, and keep in mind that it all comes down to decorating a home that suits your taste!

Words by Jessica Smith

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