Lingerie Trends You Can Wear Out

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The extensive thought and craftsmanship that goes into making lingerie, shouldn’t just be to impress your significant other on Valentines Day or date night. In recent years, lingerie trends have moved from behind the curtains, beyond the confines of the home and towards a new expression of style and feminist movement. Here’s how you can make the most out of your luxury lingerie sets in and out of the home.

The Bodysuit

woman wearing a stylist outfit with a white body suit - lingerie trend

This is one of the most popular trends of 2018 which is continuing into 2019. This form of wearing lingerie as outwear has taken the Instagram world by storm, particularly after the Kardashian’s were seen sporting the look across many of there social streams. Laced bodysuits offer versatility and can be worn with almost anything to create a super chic and fashion-forward look. 

How to style this lingerie trend!

woman wearing a lingerie body suit with light washed jeans

Pair your bodysuit with some light-wash blue mom jeans or skinny jeans and layer with a leather jacket or blazer. Pair with some heels for a super cute, summer evening outfit. As modeled by Kim Kardashian, go bold and dare to wear your lace bodysuit with some tracksuit bottoms. Add some trainers to create the ultimate sexy athleisure vibe, or pair with some heels for that true Kardashian look: perfect for a night out.

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Sporty Spice

woman wearing a sporty bra with jeans - lingerie trend
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Sport inspired lingerie has made a huge comeback and is definitely here to stay this year. The revival of the 90s streetwear has taken the fashion industry by storm and it doesn’t stop at lingerie. With the intention to encourage women into an era of confidence and comfort, the sport-inspired lingerie trend is all about a melange fabrics, logo embedded elastic bands and mesh detailing. This look goes well under any layer, or paired with jeans.


Since the 16th century, the corset has come a long way and is now one of the most popular lingerie trends of 2019. Commonly seen of New York’s fashion runways, wear your corset on top of an oversized shirt or sweatshirt and pair with some thigh high boots for a super high-fashion look. Or, with festival season just around the corner, wear your corset over a loosely fitted dress and pair with some cowboy or biker boots.

Dare to Wear Red

red lace body suit outfit - lingerie trend

The colour red is often what springs to mind when we think of sexy, luxury lingerie. It has been proven to stimulate emotions of passion, love and sensuality, as well as anger and danger. Like a bull fighter, red attracts a variety of attention and makes for the perfect bold fashion statement.

When it comes to women’s lingerie collections, red is a staple colour and enables women to feel empowered and sexy. It is a strong trend in fashion and has been a large focal point of new season trends. A red laced bra worn under a low-cut black blazer is the perfect way to show off your lingerie whilst out. 

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woman wearing velvet body suit with jeans - lingerie trend

It may come as a surprise, but velvet has made a huge comeback in our wardrobes and has, therefore, crept its way back into our underwear drawers this year. Plush velvet and velour lingerie sets are the epitome of luxury, particularly the feel of soft velvet against our bare skin. Velvet lingerie typically comes in a pallet of dusky pinks and greys, or rich and intense with emerald greens and peacock blues.

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