Drive.REVOLVE.Repeat: A Must-Know Luxury Car Subscription Service

drive revolve luxury car subscription service

Calling all lovers of luxurious vehicles in South Florida (and soon beyond)! If you’re looking for a way to have every car of your wildest dreams, look no further than REVOLVE. This innovative subscription service provides luxury car lovers with access to A-list vehicles. Conveniently, selections are delivered right to your driveway and ready to hit the road.

lineup of luxury cars from revolve luxury car subscription service in south florida
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The Delray Beach native company fosters the convenience and variety of Netflix, but for cars. Founders Asuka Veeravegu and Scott Blando thought of this brilliant idea thanks to their love for exceptional cars and the desire to experience them all. Yes, all of them!

How REVOLVE’s Car Subscription Service Works

luxury car subscription service revolve

There is really not much to the whole process – it is easy, convenient, and reasonably priced. There are three collections to pick from, all consisting of handpicked, top-of-the-line vehicles. Enthusiast Tier coming in at $2,600 a month, and the lowest priced collection, Elite Tier sitting at $1,500 a month! Not bad, considering you will be receiving a Porsche, Range Rover, and Maserati as just three of your new vehicles. Next, a virtual “garage” is created by the member, using cars that are in the collection selected. The vehicles arrive on a rotation, straight to your home and ready to go!

Red luxury car with REVOLVE license plate from luxury car subscription service
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Not only does a REVOLVE Membership give access to extremely high-end vehicles in a multi-million dollar collection, but it also comes with a $1M liability insurance policy and $1500 deductible for drivers. That way all members have to focus on is enjoying their new ride! It is easy to compare the REVOLVE pricing and leasing options for luxury cars and see what works for you.

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With REVOLVE everything is really easy, you don’t have to worry about insurance or maintenance. That’s important for someone like me who is busy running my own business.

Harris Glasser – REVOLVE Member

Now, luxury vehicle window shopping is more interactive and fun than ever before. With the help of REVOLVE, bring your dream fleet to life and encounter the ultimate driving experience.

man and woman standing by luxury cars from revolve car subscription service
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Currently, REVOLVE only operates its luxury car subscription service in South Florida, but the brand will soon be expanding to other markets so stay tuned!

Words by Tatiana Roberson

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