How Your Style Can Be Empowering

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Let’s face it, most of us have established a pretty repetitive routine when it comes to our everyday style. From rotating your typical work attire on a week by week basis to having the same 3 date night looks, it’s easy for your style to become stagnant. If you’re finding yourself feeling a bit bored with your look. Or you’re simply looking for a change. The best place to start is by allowing your current style to empower you. There are so many ways you can transform your look to be one that inspires yourself, and others. Listed below are just a few examples of how and why your style can be empowering for you.

How Your Style Can Be Empowering

Your Look Reflects You

Though the fact your look reflects who you are might seem quite obvious, this is an important reminder. Everything you wear is an outlet for you to use in order to show off your best self.

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The next time you clean out your closet or go shopping, try and keep self-expression in mind. With every new look you decide to rock, remind yourself that you can be anything you want to be. And that your style is a reflection of that.

Style Can Take A Stand

A more tangible way to make your style empowering is by choosing items made by companies with a noble cause. Do your research and make it a goal to support manufacturers who value things such as fair trade, equal labor laws, and sustainable/vegan clothing options.

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That perfect pair of mom jeans you’ve had your eye on? Consider buying them from Levi’s. The company has dedicated itself to water conservation when it comes to the way they produce their jeans. They even hope to maintain this conservation throughout 80% of their product production by 2020.

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Source: Photo by Charles Etoroma on Unsplash

If you find yourself a bit wary about spending the extra cash that can sometimes go along with sustainable style, try also considering thrifting instead. Shopping used is a great way to prevent landfill waste while staying stylish. You can even shop used name brands online with sites like thredUP to maintain a modern look. Browse luxury brands like Coach for less and you’re sure to step out of your house feeling dressed to impress and empowered.

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Empowering Style Celebrates All Body Types

Body positivity has been a growing movement over the last few years and it is certainly one that you should incorporate into your everyday style routine. A huge part of allowing your style to empower yourself is not letting anything hold you back from wearing what makes you feel confident. Whether that means buying the form-fitting dress you’re nervous about sporting. Or branching out with a new color scheme you’ve never tried with your complexion before. The choice should come down to what you feel is empowering.

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Never let your size dictate what makes you feel good to go out in either. Though it might be easier said than done, there are so many new brands emerging that embrace the celebration of the fact that all body types are beautiful. Do some research on which fashion brands challenge body norms and try your best to support them moving forward.

Lets You Be Bold

Perhaps the best thing about personal style and fashion is that it allows you the option to be as bold as you want to be with your look. Sometimes the best way for you to feel empowerment and inspiration from your style is by pushing yourself outside your comfort zone. The beauty of establishing what works for you and what doesn’t is that you get to set your own rules.

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Try new styles you’ve been afraid to put together. Get that haircut you’ve been on the fence about and don’t let the safe options hold you back. Embrace all that your style can be by making bolder choices the next time you want to feel empowered by your look each and every day.

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