Institute of Positive Fashion Launches to Create a Greener Fashion Future

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With London Fashion Week right around the corner, and sustainability becoming an increasingly hot topic, Love Happens is excited to share sustainability news within the fashion industry. The British Fashion Council (BFC) is launching the Institute of Positive Fashion (IPF) to create a greener fashion future.

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The Institute of Postive Fashion Responds to an Urgent Need

The BFC acknowledges that the fashion industry plays a big role in climate change. While its ability to engage millions of consumers daily can be used to create positive change, the council also recognizes that global supply chains can have a detrimental impact on the planet. One of the most horrific examples of the negative effect of supply chains is the burning of the Amazon rainforest. With drastic climate catastrophes already occurring, it is pushing international organizations to act.

October 2, 2018: Paris, France - Fashionable girl wearing a Chanel bag outside a fashion show during Paris Fashion Week - PFWSS19 - g7 fashion pact - positive fashion
Over 150 brands including big names like Chanel have joined the G7 Fashion Pact
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For example, over 150 international brands have joined the G7 Fashion Pact. Those who join the pact are working to ensure that the fashion industry reduces its environmental impact. Such action highlights the urgent need for coalition within the industry. Believing the British fashion industry must set new standards, the BFC has launched the Institute of Positive Fashion.

The Institute of Positive Fashion’s Mission

The IPF will help the fashion industry to “embrace innovation and develop the need for leaders to create green businesses fit for the future and enable positive change.” It aims to do so by creating a blueprint to set sustainability standards for brands in the future.

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IPF Initiatives at London Fashion Week 2019

The BFC has coordinated several sustainability-focused events to coincide with London Fashion Week 2019. To begin with, the BFC is working with logistics partner, DHL, to produce a report on fashion and the environment. Focusing on sustainability within the fashion industry, the White Paper will be launched on the BFC’s website on Friday, September 13, 2019.

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Collaborating with Roland Mouret and Arch & Hook, the BFC is also launching the SWITCH to BLUE campaign, asking London Fashion Week designers to replace their plastic hangers to Arch & Hook hangers made from 80% marine plastic.

Atmosphere LFW Designer Showrooms AW18
Atmosphere LFW Designer Showrooms AW18
Source: London Fashion Week

Finally, the BFC has also created a Positive Fashion Designer Exhibition. The goal is to embrace positive fashion during London Fashion Week 2019, with their exhibit celebrating best sustainability practices within the industry.

Through the creation of such educational programs and campaigns, the Institute of Positive Fashion aims to advance sustainable progress. The BFC encourages participation and interested parties to register with them through

Words by Hojung Lee

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