Latest Trends That Are Flowing Down From Fashion Into Interior Design

During fashion season, all eyes are on the runway. But, several of the latest trends in fashion are also flowing down to the interior design world. We’ve rounded up our favorite trends that will next-level not only your look but your home too.

Tangy Macaroon

The color of predilection in 2019 trend is pink. It comes in different shades such as coral pink, a mixture of pink and orange. In fact, it’s the perfect bright summer color. The hue can be either be a fresh pastel or a natural terracotta color.

This summer color radiates with dynamic happiness. It’s the perfect little touch; for example, an accent of pink in an accessory in an outfit or a piece of furniture in an apartment can create a delicate and lively atmosphere.

In fashion trends, pink can be for romantic dresses, flashy streetwear or an elegant suit. In interior decoration, it can be for a comfortable sofa or wall painting.

Latest Trends: Tangy Macaroon
Tangy Macaroon Moodboard by KOKET

Flower Power

Floral pattern is timeless. Wearable in any season: in a total look or in little touch, on wallpaper or applied on upholstered furniture. For a British, Bohemian, or modern style florals are a must.

For men and women, these patterns are elegant, happy, and pay homage to nature and the 70’s era. In fashion, flowers are everywhere, for instance in details such as accessories, shirts, or even shoes for a casual or eccentric look.

In interior design, floral patterns can also be everywhere, such as in wallpaper, furniture or linens for a free easy-going style.

Latest Trends: Flower Power
Flower Power Moodboard by KOKET

Wild Pattern

Whether it be leopard, tiger, zebra, or python, the animal vibe is very fashionable. Sexy and powerful, it’s the best pattern for an outfit or furniture in 2019, designed in multicolor, natural, black and white, or neon colors. This Safari pattern gives a surprising touch of luxury. The fur and feathers portray a soft and chic vibe. In fact, in fashion shows, this pattern is usually on the most elegant pieces such as long dresses, suits, luxurious bags or high heels.

Furthermore, interior decorating takes inspiration in this wild trend. For example, furniture with fur or animal pattern for comfy areas, wallpaper, or decorative objects for a poetic and original interior.

Latest Trends: Wild Pattern
Wil Pattern Moodboard by KOKET

Pop Color

Flashy color is bold and contemporary; it’s a shining color that brings happiness. The inspiration comes from the 80’s and 90’s, originally the electros vibe.

Pop color is a futuristic and eccentric color that mixes perfectly with minimalist and sober style. In fashion, designers use this color as a statement piece in outfits such as long coats, crazy dresses, funny patterns, classic suits. Likewise, in design, the pop color livens up decoration; a pillow on a sofa, bright lighting, or color on a wall. The fabrics used are bright or translucent for a touch of playfulness using color and light.

Latest Trends: Pop Color
Pop-Color Moodboard by KOKET

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Delicate Transparency

Transparency is the newest romantic trend. Pastel and cream tints create a subtle and soft aesthetic. This trend plays with fabrics that mimic skin, mirroring the light reflection and lightness of it.

This trend is evanescent and fairy-like, bringing freshness into whichever piece it’s accentuating. In fashion, the fabrics used are tulle, muslin, or organdie, ornamented by delicate embroideries, glitters, lace or feathers. Long romantic dresses, flying dresses, puffed sleeves, and light shirts that use transparency are in all runways. In interior decoration, the plastic, plexiglass, and glass seduce the viewer. In fact, for a modern and refreshing interior, the colored translucent furniture plays with the reflected light and contrasts with other materials.

Latest Trends: Delicate Transparency
Delicate Transparency Moodboard by KOKET

Jungle Chic

A tropical vibe for summer such as exotic vegetal, palm, parrot, coconut or other exotic fruit is everywhere.

For a holiday and casual mood, this fashion trend utilizes natural materials such as wood, bamboo, straw, cords, and the accumulation of patterns, and exotic accessories. The color hues range from traditional green to eccentric color. The tropical flowers are essential in trendy outfits as seen on long dresses and jumpsuits made from lighter fabrics. Furthermore, natural materials are used in the accessories made in macramé to accentuate the jungle chic trend.

The tropical decoration stands out in the trend. Firstly, linens, pillows, wallpapers, and sofas feature this pattern. Secondly, exotic plants in the interior like palm, bamboo, cactus are all very fashionable. Finally, much furniture is made by weaving straw or from bamboo.

Latest Trends: Jungle Chic
Jungle Chic Moodboard by KOKET

Futuristic Bubble

When fashion inspiration comes from Science-fiction. This trend uses basic colors like white, silver, transparent, cream to create an elegant, structural and refined style. It’s based on inspiration by the minimalist style of the 90’s futuristic style which plays with sobriety, authenticity, and mystery.

Shapes are round and oval. Materials vary between transparent and solid, shiny and matte. In fashion trends, shoulders are large and round, the sleeves are puffy, and dress shapes are curvy with big capes. Futuristic looks are very fashionable.

The sobriety and minimalism utilized are seen in interior design in the clean lines and bubble shapes of furniture.

Futuristic Bubble Trend
Futuristic Moodboard by KOKET

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