Reinvent Your Look: Secrets to Jazz up Your Style

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The beginning of spring seems to be the perfect time for a fresh start. If the last year did not go as planned, it’s time to get up, shake off the frustrations, and show everyone your amazing personality. To be confident on the inside, you need to look confident on the outside. Reinvent your look with a fresh makeover, these small changes can work like magic.

There is no need to go big. These small changes can reinvent your look, emphasize your personality, and give you the confidence to face the world head-on.

Look Younger with a Voluminous Hair Style

Volumes of thick hair make you look not only healthy but also more youthful and professional. If your hair is on the thinning side, apply dry shampoo on the roots to remove the greasiness and create an instant illusion of fullness. You can also fluff out your hair at home by misting a little hairspray and rolling onto self-grip rollers. 

reinvent your look with voluminous hair

The Right Hair Style has covered an article on short hair, discussing a handful of short layered hairstyles. This write-up is pretty resourceful if you have short hair and are not sure about the best hairdo to complement your facial features.

Red Lipstick: Too Bold or Classic?

Lips attract the attention of onlookers and the gaze extends a few more seconds when you dab some fire engine red shades. Some women consider red lipstick too bold and expressive, which is true, but it’s a classic that highlights feminine features.

woman applying red lipstick

More blue-based red shades are flattering to almost all skin tones and give anyone a tidier, brighter look by making the teeth look whiter. If you don’t have a favorite or unsure about the right shade, choose something that’s neither too bold, glossy, or matte. A semi-matte shade in Jungle Red or True Red sounds perfect in this case.  

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Highlight Your Eyes

highlight your eyes to reinvent your look

Eyes are another attractive part of the human body. If rightly contoured, they can underline your newly revamped look.

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