Feminine Chairs Designed for Women, The KOKET Way

Koket feminine chairs designed for women

As a woman, there is a good chance you have sat perched on the edge of far too deep chair. Or perhaps you have sat wondering why the chair even bothers having arms because how on earth are you to use them? On average, women are 5” shorter than men and tend to have shorter legs and arms making most chair designs completely disproportionate for a woman’s body. So, if you are a lady looking for the most comfortable chair (and stunningly beautiful, of course), look no further! Meet the feminine chairs of KOKET, each designed for women with the female form front-of-mind.

Chairs Designed for Women

Celebrating women and a love for haute craftsmanship and the finest materials are at the heart of KOKET. So when it comes to the brand’s chair collection each one is exquisitely designed with a woman’s body in mind.

While scientifically speaking women tend to be shorter than men and have shorter limbs, as we all know, women come in all sorts of beautiful shapes and sizes. Thus during the prototyping process, KOKET’s design team has women with many different body types sit in each chair so that they can design around them creating the perfect fit. With 30+ unique and alluring feminine chair styles in the KOKET collection, the brand offers something for every woman!

audrey chair by koket - feminine chairs designed for women
Audrey Chair by KOKET

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Haute Craftsmanship

In addition to carefully determined proportions, master artisans in Portugal handcraft each object of desire in the KOKET collection. The brand’s upholstery designs are impeccably crafted from their solid wood and foam cores to the flawless textile coverings. But KOKET’s chairs go beyond upholstery alone. One of the most exquisite elements of KOKET’s statement designs is their use of metal. Applied to chair designs such as the renowned Chandra Chair and the magical Enchanted Dining Chair, KOKET takes the concept of a chair to a whole new level.

Chandra Chair by KOKET
Chandra Chair by KOKET

And There You Have It!

If you are looking for gorgeous feminine chairs designed for women explore the alluring world of KOKET!

Words by Anna Beck Bimba