Ask Lh: How to Be Successful

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Question: How do I become successful?

Answer: Have you ever had a sweet tooth for a scrumptious dessert? But not just any dessert – the graham cracker crust cheesecake from your favorite brand that can only be found in select stores? Sure, it would be more convenient to grab the first cheesecake you see; but you want your favorite. And having your favorite is worth the sacrifice.

So is success!  It’s the relentless pursuit of a thing that causes us to ultimately become successful. Below are three excellent ways to achieve and retain success!

How to Be Successful

No Pain No Gain

If you are seeking instant gratification, the most you can hope for is a pipe dream. But if you want success, know that the road ahead is filled with bumps, turns, and detours. Sacrifice is a part of the journey that you must be willing to endure.

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Set Goals

How often have you taken a trip without knowing the destination? Probably never. You need to know where you are going and about how long it should be before you arrive. Set clear goals for yourself-yearly, monthly, weekly, and daily. This will allow you to measure your progress.

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Be Consistent

Don’t stop doing the right things. Keep pressing forward even if you face challenges. Commit yourself to remaining steadfast despite conditions, emotions and changing circumstances. You only lose if you choose to give up.

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Remember that the ball is in your court. It’s up to you to strategize, use your time wisely, and maximize your effort. There is someone in the world that is just like you-with your personality, your set of challenges and your circumstances that is utilizing everything they have at full capacity. Use positive examples as reinforcement for why you CAN achieve success; avoid the word can’t. You will win!

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