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When I first came across The Contour of Luxury I instantly fell in love with their content. Totally up Love Happens alley! Upon digging deeper I learned of Alexis Day, the founder and driving force behind the online blogAzine™. I also discovered this inspiring woman is the founder and managing director of the Alexis Day Agency, a brand strategy, marketing, and PR agency. At this point, I knew I had to share her talents and services! Read on to learn more about Alexis, an expressive visionary and luxury master. Her business acumen and impressive instinct for creating unique and highly effective brand strategies are sure to inspire you!

“Marketing is what I do, Luxury is what I know…and I love them both.”

Alexis Day

Lh Exclusive Interview with Alexis Day

Love Happens: What began your love for visual communications?

Alexis Day: I was a creative and artistic child, and like some mothers do, my mother would keep my art and at times she would frame and hang my pieces from as far back as 1st and 2nd grade. I think in some ways this was encouraging for me to have that kind of approval of my work.

However, years later as a college student, I suppose I can thank my statistics professor for steering me onto my creative path again. As a then business major, a good distance from anything remotely creative, my statistics class was a sheer thorn in my side, and my professor was of zero help!

During that time, I happened upon an ad in a magazine for attending school in London. I inquired, and with my mother’s encouragement, at the end of my college semester in the states, I packed my bags and with passport in hand I was off to University in London where I changed my degree major to Visual Communications. It was my calling and a dream experience beyond my expectations. Years later, I did go back to complete my B.A. degree…with an A in statistics and continued on to acquire an MBA at the top of my class. Who knew?! LOL!

Lh: Did your interest in visual communications lead to your desire to help brands grow and prosper, or did this desire grow later in your career?

Alexis: I would say that my knowhow and ability to help others grew over time. I had come to realize that I had an innate knack and fervor for attracting a target audience, particularly a luxury consumer audience, through the fusion of visual communications with business strategies and tactics.

As a previous luxury home Realtor®, I attracted prospects to my brand through the combination of apropos creative design and business/marketing, which ultimately urged those prospects to contact me. Other agents would ask me to help them do the same. Attracting and capturing the attention of a target audience with the intent of moving them into action towards a brand is what I offer potential clients in my brand strategy and PR agency, Alexis Day Agency.

Lh: After running your own graphic design studio and managing the marketing for a luxury real estate group you took a position as an intern for a PR firm. What led up to your decision to take on an internship at that point in your career?

Alexis: Well, this wasn’t quite the actual order of events. I was a luxury home Realtor® before returning back to school. With a hard housing market crash, I took that time to return to school to complete my B.A. degree and learn more about the business side of things, as I had already acquired a degree in Visual Communications. Between completing the B.A. and the MBA, I sought an internship, because I wanted to better understand the inner workings of a PR company, specifically entertainment PR.

While I learned quite a bit during my internship, I came to know that entertainment PR wasn’t entirely what I had envisioned it to be, and it wasn’t for me. However, I was glad to have the internship, as I learned quite a bit from renowned Public Relations guru Micheal Levine, the owner of the company where I interned. Strategies and methods that I learned from that internship I later utilized when starting my agency.

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Lh: What motivated you to start Alexis Day Agency?

Alexis: Truthfully, I hadn’t planned to start my own business. I did have friends who tried to encourage me to do so, but I didn’t think I was ready for such a leap. Upon completing my MBA, I set out to interview for entry-level positions, I was told more often than not things like, “We both know that you are overqualified for this job and you will not be here very long,” and in one interview a manager said to me, “Your resume is similar to mine, and you can’t have my job!” The biggest heartbreak of all was being one of the top 2 candidates for a great paying senior-level position and learning that the job had been given to the other candidate. A day later, quite literally, I woke up, opened my eyes and decided to hire myself. I took the leap!

Lh: How did you come up with the idea for your blogAzine™, The Contour of Luxury™? How do you define your trademarked term blogAzine™?

Alexis: I was in the midst of contemplating ways to build relationships with luxury brands, as well as grow my agency’s brand awareness, when I received a text message saying, “Alexis, when you write on Facebook you always leave me wanting more. Have you ever considered starting a blog?” My response was, “no”. I had no desire to start a blog because when I look at blogs there is so much visual noise happening on the page, and that is a deterrent for me. I eventually came back to the text message idea about starting a blog and resolved that I would create my blog with a page-turning format like a publication. So I did and dubbed it a blogAzine™.

the contour of luxury blogazine by alexis day agency

Lh: What is the mission of The Contour of Luxury™?

Alexis: The mission of The Contour of Luxury™ is to connect upper-tier brands and services that appeal to a discerning audience’s interests and lifestyle, with an engaged readership of influential, affluent individuals worldwide. 

Lh: What effect has The Contour of Luxury™ had on your agency?

Alexis: Initially, The Contour of Luxury™ was developed to be a tool for the purpose of building relationships with brands with a goal of converting them into clients. However, with a twist of fate, the publication has in and of itself become the agency’s client due to its instant viewer appeal and exponential readership growth in excess of 58 countries, Asia and Africa. By the 3rd issue, The Contour of Luxury™ was awarded the Best Luxury Digital Magazine ​2019by Best of Los Angeles Award, and the cover has been sought from its inception. Although it has become a regarded informative publication, it does still serve its initial purpose of building luxury brand relationships.

Lh: You specialize in luxury, an everchanging sector, do you have any thoughts about what the future of luxury looks like?

Alexis: Millennials and Generation Z are becoming wealthy at a much younger age than past generation norms, and must be acknowledged as a weighty consumer. They are and will increasingly become a target consumer for the luxury industry.

With the internet takeover, if you will, the assurance of brand loyalty has become difficult and near impossible to maintain in some luxury brand industries. To remain a relevant brand, I believe luxury brands must evolve steadily, perhaps at a more rapid pace, offer innovative, high quality, personalized and eco-friendly products to attract, and accommodate this younger consumer’s fast-paced, short attention span way of living. And this, I dare say will become the modus operandi for heritage brands as well. Holding the attention of the lesser brand loyal consumer is vital.

Lh: How do you describe the power of great communication?

Alexis: Immeasurable

Lh: Do you have any mottos? Business, personal, design or perhaps something else?

Alexis: Live your dream. Be the kind of person that you want to meet.

Lh: What three pieces of advice would you give to someone looking to make it in the PR and marketing industry?

Alexis: Know your market. Don’t follow with the crowd…it’s crowded! Know how to attract and engage a relevant target market.

Lh: Do you have any plans for the future you would like to share?

Alexis: I will be publishing a new blogAzine™ that is millennial-focused so stay tuned…

View the current issue of The Contour of Luxury™!

By Anna Beck Bimba


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