Things to Do with Kids during Coronavirus Quarantine

It’s not an easy task to keep our children bored and locked down at home. Since the schools and most parks are closed (and it’s not recommended to leave the house) the ongoing challenge is to keep them entertained inside. If you’re desperate to drag them away from electronics, here are some ideas of things to do with kids during these hard times.

Things to Do with Kids during Quarantine

Do a Science Experience

Just because your kids aren’t at school, doesn’t mean they can’t learn with their family. If you have a future-scientist in your home, there are so many experiences fun (and safe) you can do with home ingredients.

Get Them Gardening

If you’re lucky enough to have a garden, you can take this opportunity to enjoy some fresh air with them, and at the same time, do fun stuff! It will be amazing for them to see their work growing and changing right in front of their eyes. If you don’t have a garden, don’t worry, you can also do similar plantings in your window box or small pots.

Things to do with Kids: gardening
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Play Board Games

This is a fun and interactive way to gather all the family. You’ll quickly get surprised when you see how interactive and learning it can be for them.

Make Your Own Treasure Hunt

This might give you extra work because you will have to design all the maps and arrange a treasure (like treats, jewelry, or a small toy). But in the end, it will be worth it, because they will love it (and they will for sure, stay entertained). You might even consider taking them camping along with this activity; just be sure to get the perfect family camping tent for the ultimate fun-filled adventure!

Put on Your Bathrobes and Make Your Own Spa

This can be relaxing for you, but also for them. You can try to use your bathtub and get your kids in there, with some face masks and pretend you’re in the spa. Maybe, for a few minutes, they will be calm and quiet.

Things to do with Kids: pretend you are in a spa
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 Make Some Decorations

This is probably a job for you, but certainly, your kids can help! Try to find some inspirations with them, and then use their help for little stuff. They will love the sensation of being an adult and acting like one, and they will keep busy doing this.

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Karaoke Competition

If you have console games, like Singstar, it’s amazing! Or if you don’t, CDs or even YouTube can also serve as great options. You can do a competition with you and your kids, embrace yourself a little as well, it will for sure entertain them.

Camping in the Living Room

With your blankets around your sofa, create a small tent. Turn off the lights, get some candy, and enjoy this with your babies. If you can, spend the night with them in there. They will love the experience of camping (even if it’s in-home, it will be an adventure) and for sure one they will never forget!

Do Some Cooking Experiences

Things to do with Kids: Cooking
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Cooking is one of the best things to do with kids. They will love to get involved in all the processes, and they will also love to taste their own food! If you have a camera, film all – it’s important to create memories for later!

We hope you enjoyed those tips!

Words by Rita Archer


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