Pillow Challenge is Quarantine’s Most Fun Fashion Challenge


Even during quarantine, creativity abounds, leading to things like the Pillow Challenge on Instagram. This social media challenge consists of people involving one or more pillows and turning them into fashion minidresses with a belt around the middle. I guarantee you that the results are fabulous! But only if you see it from the front side because your back is completely exposed.

Currently, there are more than 200,000 posts on Instagram with the hashtag #pillowchallenge. The most common is with a large white pillow and a classic black belt, but now it’s your turn to get creative and create your own!

Come discover our favorite pictures from the Pillow Challenge:

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I HAD to do the pillow dress trend, I was born for it.

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The Perfect Pillow

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my look last night, imagine 😂 #pillowchallenge #stayhome

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We hope you enjoyed our favorite Pillow Challenge looks!

Words by Rita Archer

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