5 Ways to Bring Art Deco Design Into the 21st Century

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People always look for new ways to upgrade their interior design. They may flip through popular online photos of kitchen cabinets or throw pillows. Maybe they get a recommendation from a friend or a family member. It’s great to try new things, but people are also discovering the inspiration that comes with embracing a past style.

Specifically, Art Deco design is making a big comeback. It’s the geometric, simple, and symmetrical patterns and edges that would make you think of “The Great Gatsby.” It originally appeared in France after World War I, but it quickly spread around the globe due to its stylish interior colors and patterns.

Now, people want ways to bring Art Deco design into the 21st century. See if they’ll work in your living space and renovate your interior design into something that makes you smile.

5 Ways to Bring Art Deco Design Into the 21st Century

1. Use Shiny Metals

Modern homes often have things like brushed nickel to add a bit of depth to handles and appliances. You can opt for a less modern look by using shiny metals, which inspired the Art Deco movement. People in the 1920s and ’30s used metals to line furniture and make things shine.

They loved gold and silver accent pieces because even if they weren’t true metals, they showed off a sense of sophistication and wealth that the Roaring 20s are known for. Emulate this trend in the twenty-first century with metal accent pieces and finishes.

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2. Invest in Artwork

After the war, people wanted to live big and enjoy the finest things in life. That led to an increased interest in artwork, popularizing oil paintings and sculptures from people like Marcel Janco and Demétre Chiparus.

Although you might not find original artwork from this era, you can get sculptures, ornate furniture, mirror, and paintings that model the same motifs. Anything with geometric shapes, smooth lines, and bright colors will fit your theme and show off your Art Deco choices.

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3. Look for Geometric Designs

Symmetric shapes are crucial for any Art Deco interior design. Find creative forms and patterns in products like wallpaper, bedding, and curtains. Mirror it with geometric artwork and decor. It’s easy to find these designs on the market because they withstand the test of time, inspiring people to use them even in homes that don’t intend to have Art Deco features.

Bedroom design by Desart Decor moscow - koket eternity sconces - geometric art deco design
Bedroom design by Desart Decor

4. Go Bold With Colors

Any color in your home should look bold and luxurious. The Art Deco period used contrasting color choices to modernize any interior space. Saturated hues should reflect neutral shades, like creams against black or orange. Choose your favorite tones and make them bold in any artwork or decor you add to your house. You don’t need to pick neon shades, as long as your featured colors are bright and eye-catching.

Eaton Place Belgravia designed by Fenton Whelan
Eaton Place Belgravia designed by Fenton Whelan featuring KOKET Vamp Sofas and beautiful geometric art deco inspired dividing wall. (Photo by Matt Clayton/Courtesy of Fenton Whelan)

5. Install Retro Fixtures

Imagine that you’ve put up new wallpaper, paint colors, or artwork. You know why you chose those design elements, but the rest of your home may not match your theme. You can push your Art Deco design even further by installing retro fixtures in the most popular rooms.

Check out antique lighting options, get inspired by vintage appliances, and make sure to pick out things with the Art Deco vibe. Gold-accented cocktail tables or a silver claw-footed tub will demonstrate your interior design intentions more pointedly than a single new painting or lamp.

London Interior Designers Elicyon Saudi Arabia Interior
Interior design with art deco details by London interior design firm Elicyon

Make a Dream Board

Unless you have experience with interior design, sometimes it’s hard to picture the way a finished room should look. It helps to make a dream board with photos of what inspires you. You can hold those pictures up in your kitchen or living room to remember what you like and find the best Art Deco design elements that work in your home.

Bringing Art Deco Into This Century

Art Deco design has specific roots in history, but it’s a luxurious look still trending in homes to this day. Embrace the contrasting collars, metallic gleams, and geometric style of this design approach by selecting glamorous finishes and plush textiles.

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