Meet Susurro and the Sister’s Behind the Luxury Accessories Brand

susurro handbags styled by mao

When it comes to fashion art we are always on the lookout! So, when the luxury accessories brand Susurro and it’s founding sister’s Margaret and Melissa came across our path, we couldn’t wait to share!

Lh Exclusive Interview with Margaret & Melissa, Co-founders of Susurro

Margaret & Melissa, Co-founders of Susurro
Margaret & Melissa, Co-founders of Susurro

Love Happens: What first sparked your love for fashion?

Our love of fashion first began in the 90s whilst living in South America. Our parents would often travel for work and take us with them.

Melissa: I vividly remember the day. It was the year 1997 and we were in Rio, Brazil, and our mother had taken us to a seamstress to fix one of our dresses. Whilst at the seamstress there was a queue of women outside who were trying on numerous outfits and comparing them with their friends and others. This drew our attention as we were interested in how the items each lady chose would be individual to her. Everyone looked stylish and different. We realized with fashion there were no limits, and anyone could bring alive their creative imagination to represent a piece of their identity. Our love of fashion has grown tremendously as fashion is an integral part of everyone’s sense of identity.

Margaret: This day was so vital as it was also the year, I started developing my own style and choosing my own clothes. I enjoyed how fashion enabled me to always go beyond, for example, experimenting with colors and patterns.   

Lh: What led up to your decision to start Susurro?

We decided to start Susurro after realizing that the fashion industry often consisted of reoccurring silhouettes and styles which meant that there was a lack of diversity when it came to finding a unique bag that not only wouldn’t be mistaken for another brand but would stand out completely due to its distinctive style.  This led us to start Susurro as we wanted to create accessories that were distinctive due to their design aesthetic, quality, and style.

Lh: How did you decide on the perfect silhouette??

When we decided on the perfect silhouette several factors had to be considered. Firstly, we wanted to ensure that our customers could carry all essential items whilst remaining stylish, therefore the silhouette had to be spacious. Secondly, the handbag had to be lightweight, so the silhouette is specially handcrafted using highly skilled artisan techniques to ensure that even with products inside, the bag remains light in weight and extremely high in quality. To us, the perfect silhouette must also have a distinctive design that captures our brand identity. The silhouette must also tell a story as depicted with our Madison tote.

harper tote susurro
Harper Tote

gold and black stool - y stools - bolvardi stool by koket

Lh: What does the name Susurro mean? What led to your decision to use this name for your brand?

The word Susurro translates to ‘whisper’ in Spanish. Upon deciding to start the brand we wanted a name that would not only be distinctive and memorable but also a name that is representative of our brand. Our collections are designed and handcrafted to ‘whisper sophistication and speak elegance’. Susurro collections are made to be bright in colors, vivid in patterns, and eye-capturing in silhouette, whilst whispering sophistication and vividly speaking elegance to the viewer.

Lh: What role does nature play in the creation of your designs?

Our collections are all inspired by nature. To us the greatest designer in the world is nature. This is because nature always uses unique patterns, shapes, textures, and imagery to evoke a sense of happiness and joy within the person experiencing nature. Likewise, with Susurro bags our products reflect scenes of nature and are designed to bring our clients happiness and confidence as they take on the day in style, as a trendsetter.    

susurro tote
Photo styled by Mao

Timeless Handbags Inspired by Empowering Women

Lh: Tell us about your passion for craftsmanship and artisan skills and how this plays into each Susurro creation.

Susurro’s passion for craftsmanship is personal as it stems from a family generational skill. Our great grandfather and grandfather were both artisans who created leather products. Growing up we always knew the value of an item being handcrafted. The attention to detail and need to source the finest leathers are paramount for Susurro artisans as our products are not only created to be memorable but also generational whereby the handbag will remain of high quality for decades.

Amdrilisa Tote
Amdrilisa Tote

Lh: Susurro began with totes, when did you decide to add shoes and what led up to this decision? Do you have plans to add other products?

Susurro offers a bespoke service and prior to introducing a footwear line, we would often receive requests asking if it was possible to provide a shoe that would fit perfectly with their chosen handbag. This is what led us to introduce a footwear collection. With regards to the future, Susurro will be introducing a swimwear collection which we are very excited about.

Lh: Tell us about your bespoke services. Any fun requests?

We know the importance of adding a personal touch to your beloved item. Our bespoke services enable you to explore your imagination and enhance your creativity when creating a custom Susurro handbag or shoe. Prior to starting the bespoke design process customers are given a consultation whereby they are able to discuss their personalized Susurro item.

We have received so many fun requests and it always brings joy to us when our customers explore their imagination. We recently had a customer request a ‘mini Daphne-Rose’ tote for their daughter’s 4th birthday. She is a regular customer, who had expressed to us how she often caught her daughter trying on her bags and shoes and wanted to provide her daughter with a stylish custom handbag. It was so much fun designing a bespoke product for her daughter as we were able to bring joy to our customer and her daughter.

Lh: As a brand designed for trendsetters, in your words, why Susurro?

Susurro products are very distinctive that it is impossible for a customer to find a similar product. The unique design aesthetic adopted makes Susurro a perfect brand for trendsetters, the fashionable women who never want to settle or blend in with the crowd.

Susurro Totes. Photo styled by Mao.
Susurro Totes. Photo styled by Mao.

Lh: How has the pandemic affected your business?

The recent pandemic has caused us to introduce new technology in which a virtual stylist is available for customers wishing to receive styling advice and help. We are also in the process of preparing for digital catwalk shows to present our new collections. 

Lh: Do you have any thoughts on how COVID-19 will change the future of fashion?

COVID-19 has already changed the future of fashion as the industry has become more digital and new technological developments are available for designers like ourselves to present collections and interact with customers whilst expanding our creative minds.   

Lh: What three pieces of advice would you give to an aspiring designer/entrepreneur looking to make it?

We would definitely say, firstly never take no for an answer, secondly believe in your brand, and finally, but most importantly don’t give up!

Lh: What’s next for Susurro?

We are currently in the process of designing our app which will provide customers another way of purchasing products whilst on the move.

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By Anna Beck Bimba