Bombom, A Playful Collection by Joana Vasconcelos for Roche Bobois

joana vasconcelos bombom roche bobois luxury furniture collection 60th anniversary

In celebration of their 60th anniversary Roche Bobois, the brand asked artist Joana Vasconcelos to design a line of seating and decorative accessories as the flagship collection of the year. The result, Bombom, a gorgeous collection of sofas, rugs, and accent pillows.

The Artist

joana vasconcelos - bombom for roche bobois 60th anniversary
Joana Vasconcelos

Born in France, Joana Vasconcelos moved to Lisbon, Portugal at the age of three. Today the artist still works and lives there. Since she first began exhibiting in the mid-1990s, Joana has created dozens of extraordinary works. But it was in 2005 that the international recognition of her art began with a piece called “A Noiva” (The Bride) [2001-2005] exhibited in Italy at La Biennale di Venezia.

As seen in A Noiva, a 20ft high chandelier form made of tampons, Joana’s creations question women’s place in the contemporary world. She is also known for honoring Portugal’s artisanal traditions and know-how. Her greatest accomplishment to date was in 2012 when she became the first woman and the youngest artist ever to exhibit at Versailles Palace. An exhibition which became the most visited in Paris in the last 50 years, welcoming over 1.6 million people.

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Roche Bobois x Joana Vasconcelos = Bombom

Known for often collaborating with artists, Bombom is the second partnership between Roche Bobois and Joana Vasconcelos. The first came in 2019 when the luxury French home decor brand entrusted the artist to reinterpret six iconic pieces from the brand’s collections.

When we approached Joana Vasconcelos to collaborate with Roche Bobois, we had two wishes. Our first intention was to give a voice to a contemporary artist who is touching yet surprising, and to offer her to work with an unusual medium of expression: the functional object. But above all, our goal was to offer our clients the chance to bring home a piece of a dream: a creative, flamboyant, and delightful collection, an optimistic and quirky version of our French Art de Vivre, as transcended by the eye of Joana Vasconcelos.

Nicolas Roche

Maintaining the point of view of an artist rather than a designer, Joana took on the challenge of designing pieces intended to interact with a wider audience. By transposing her themes and questioning to everyday objects, she offers her vision of the world adapted to the organization of living spaces.

The end result is a series of multifunctional pieces that are playful, alluring, and optimistic.

The Bombom Collection by Joana Vasconcelos for Roche Bobois

The Sofas

Joana Vasconcelos offers a series of sofas with fluid, organic and generous shapes that can be composed and combined according to ones’ wishes. The colors reflect Joana Vasconcelos’ optimism and creativity: direct, fresh, tart, and deep shades are united yet outlined by the black stripes. The backs are all mobile and independent, allowing free form for each sofa. These pieces give full freedom to design your own comfort … either sitting or lying down.

Bombom Sofas by Joana Vasconcelos for Roche Bobois
Bombom Sofas

When I look at these pieces with their curves and winding lines, I see a series of shapes meant for interiors. I wanted to call on the customers’ creativity, I wanted them to feel free to compose with the modules and the choice of colours. I designed these pieces with the hope that people would make them theirs, play with them, while preserving the importance of comfort, and a sense of flavour and joie de vivre.

Joana Vasconcelos

barcelona pouf seat by kk by koket

The Rugs

Four rug designs complete the collection. Three of them include original drawings by Joana Vasconcelos, reproduced in flamboyant hues by printing process: two rectangular designs with a black or light background, and a circular design.

The fourth design is tufted and embodies certain codes of the artist’s artworks: organic, colourful, and alluring shapes create an original form, their relief is brought to life by varying thicknesses contrasting against the black background.

Bombom Rugs by Joana Vasconcelos for Roche Bobois
Bombom Rugs

The Cushions

The collection of cushions includes patterns from the artist’s original designs, printed and embroidered, with white or black backgrounds. It is available in three sizes, for a total of six different designs. This collection reflects the fantasy and chromatic exuberance emblematic to Joana Vasconcelos’ work.

Bombom cushions by Joana Vasconcelos for Roche Bobois
Bombom Cushions

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