6 Contemporary Collage Artists Making Old New Again

contemporary collage artists art Past dimension 3d surrealistic abstraction

The multi-dimensional art form of collage dates back hundreds of years, think gold leafing and jewels in religious art. And while its most dramatic appearance was in the early 20th century, today the art form remains popular with many contemporary collage artists on the scene!

Collage art first really became a thing in the early 20th century, when radical left-wing Dadaists used the art form in newspapers as a method of political rebellion in protest against World War I. Shortly thereafter, surrealist artists adopted and adapted the cut and paste technique, relying on the subconscious to produce stunning montages made of illustrations, photographs, paint, and colored paper. Georges Braque and Pablo Picasso are credited as the first modernist painters to use collage in art.

Nowadays, contemporary collage artists are using the classic technique to turn old new. But this time the works of art don’t come with a political or physiological attachment. Instead, top contemporary collage artists like the 6 you are about to see below, are using new techniques and integrating high fashion and couture into their creations.

6 Contemporary Collage Artists Creating Artistic Montages

Emily Monckton

Emily Monckton is the assistant style editor for the Daily Mail. During the COVID-19 lockdown, she started cropping images from her favorite fashion vintage magazines where the style overlapped the latest trends. She then began creating the cute little dogs of society that win over anyone.

contemporary collage artists - Emily Monckton the full montage
By Emily Monckton, The Full Montage

Mafalda Kahane

Mafalda Millies is a video and creative director who lives between Vienna and New York. She works with her own style and her inspirations are based on surrealism, all of which are understood by her dynamic video editing, photomontage, and the combination of different media. When it comes to creating whimsical collages she is one of the first choices of fashion brands. Her partners and clients include Vogue UK, Selfridges UK, Ladurée, Maison St. Germain, and many others. Explore her work!

Rosanna Webster

Rosanna is an artist, illustrator, and photographer. The aesthetic of her work is very feminine and she always works with a balance of color, shape, and surface texture. She works with some of the most imposing high fashion brands like Dior and Stella McCartney.

Pablo Thecuadro

Pablo is an artist and photographer that lives in Madrid. He is known for using his photography and technical craftsmanship to build a bridge into the world of high-fashion and couture. When the creations start he uses editorial images from other photographers and also his own. He then starts merging analog and digital collage. His artwork has been featured in publications such as Cosas Couture, ELLE Serbia, Vogue, GQ, and many others. Explore Pablo’s creations!

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Ernesto Artillo

Ernesto stands out for his unique and personal style. Some of his interests are based on video, costumes, scenography, collage, photography, installation, and performance. He is adored by fashion houses Deplozo, Lane Crawford, Izzue, Loewe for his ability to create montages in physical and flat dimensions. Thus, he gained his own category because of his installation work, integration of designer garments, and collage in real space.

contemporary collage artists - ACT, Madrid 2017 by Ernesto Artillo
ACT, Madrid 2017 by Ernesto Artillo

Eve Delaney

Eve is an artist, writer, and actor. Her inspirations come from several topics including mental health, women’s history, and chronic illness. Some of her creations are pictures of girls sunbathing in Hampstead ponds wearing tiaras, you can find Queen Mary using a t-shirt titled “Yas Quen” in a dorm with Lady Gaga and Frida Khalo. When it comes to humor Eve’s is on speed dial. Explore Eve’s work!

Words by Ines Vidal