The Best Art Hotels to Leave You Dazzled

art hotels - Tiepolo Bar at Rome Cavalieri, A Waldorf Astoria Hotel

The best art hotels in the world are not just places to sleep while traveling, they are so much more. Art hotels are considered true destinations as they offer visits to art galleries, museums, and more. These captivating hotels offer travelers the opportunity to discover their country’s culture. Read on and discover everything about the best art hotels to visit. We are sure these art hotels will leave you dazzled!

Belmond Cadogan Hotel

This beautiful property is located in the Chelsea district of London. It has a stunning collection of 430 pieces, mostly from British artists. After a stroll to discover the entire collection, you also have exclusive access to the Cadogan Place Gardens. You can enjoy some of the best restaurants in the city. And have exclusive access to the city’s most important galleries and museums.

Le Royal Monceau

This hotel contains a wonderful blend of old-world Paris mixed with modern Paris. A fusion that contemplates the best of both worlds. We can find historic architecture and modern works of art contrasting the before and now. There is also an art concierge at your disposal where you can visit the best art exhibitions and also be informed of the most up to date local events. In addition, you can also visit the private art collection which contains more than 300 pieces.

The Wauwinet

The Wauwinet is located between two private beaches on the Massachusetts island of Nantucket. This is definitely one of those art hotels where you can relax, oh yes there is a spa. Dine in the hotel’s magnificent restaurants and enjoy the best views of the sunset. The hotel has an art collection of 120 pieces focused on the island’s natural attractions, a real source of inspiration for any art lover.

21c Museum Hotels

This hotel chain’s mission is to offer a luxurious and magnificent sensory experience. It serves as a museum of contemporary art, and its exhibition space is open to guests but also to the public. As the mission of the hotel is to show the world contemporary art. 21c offers collaborations with various artists from around the world as well as art organizations and collectors.

The Beaumont

Inspired by the 1920s, this hotel located in Mayfair, London offers all the elegance and charm that was felt in that decade. The Beaumont offers free access to its art collection to all its guests. One of the most incredible works of art The Beaumont is home to is the Turner Prize-winning ROOM, Antony Gormley’s inhabitable sculpture that serves as a book-able suite.

citizenM New York Bowery

This hotel’s decor is based on an eclectic mix of contemporary art, photography, and objects by local artists. Difficult to go unnoticed, and not only because it is one of the biggest hotels in the neighborhood. The hotel has fantastic 360-degree views of Manhattan from the rooftop bar. It is also home to the Museum of Street Art (MoSA), a 20-story art installation with the work of original street artists from 5Pointz, which is open to the public.

Le Negresco

This hotel is considered one of France’s historic monuments for its history and art. All rooms and suites are decorated with historical pieces of French art. There are also wonderful gardens and private beaches to enjoy. In addition, the hotel’s Michelin-starred restaurant is the perfect place to indulge in live music and the sea air.

Rome Cavalieri

Rome Cavalieri is located in the Waldorf Astoria and offers the most beautiful views of the city of Rome. And is one of the art hotels with the most admired art collections. From the amazing dresser of the King of Poland to a series of tapestries detailing the history of the Emperor of China that are so beautiful replicas are on display in some of the most famous art museums in the world. And as if this were not enough reason to visit, the hotel also offers a restaurant with 3 Michelin stars, as well as an exclusive spa in Monte Mario.

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Rosewood Hong Kong

This hotel is considered one of the best hotels in the world, it contains eight restaurants and lounges and it contemplates art’s beauty in all its corners. With art for all tastes and features such as sculptures by Edward Waites, the hotel also features delicate wall coverings by Hermes and Gracie Studio, works by Lisa Stimpson, and much more.

Villa Copenhagen

Villa Copenhagen was one of the most anticipated openings of 2020. The property is all about elegant sustainability, with a stunning Earth suite made exclusively of sustainable materials. But its art collection, and several spaces designed by the Danish fine jewelry brand Shamballa Jewels, make it a perfect place for creative inspiration while visiting Denmark.

The Fife Arms

This hotel is considered the best luxury hotel in Scotland. As if its entire 19th-century structure was not one of the reasons to visit it, there are also 16,000 antiques and even more still a collection of furniture from the Scottish Victorian era. The Fife Arms also launched an artist residency program to demonstrate how art is at the center of this hotel.

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Grand Bohemian Asheville

The Kessler Collection’s Grand Bohemian hotel portfolio has seven properties that are distinctly different and inspired by the surrounding area. Grand Bohemian Asheville is located in the idyllic Biltmore Village and exudes rustic European charm. All rooms contain pure works of art and there is also an exclusive gallery in all properties that has works of art for sale for true art lovers to enjoy! In this collection, we can find pieces such as paintings, sculptures, and jewelry.

The Silo

The Silo is located above the Victoria & Alfred Waterfront, with the most beautiful and breathtaking views! In addition to its stunning view of the sea, it also boasts wonderful architecture and a collection of African art pieces. The collection features emerging artists and well-positioned names in the art world. There is also an art concierge at your disposal who offers personalized tours for guests looking to immerse themselves in the incredible history of African art and culture. As if all of this were not fantastic enough, the hotel is also only a few steps away from the Zeitz Museum of Contemporary Art in Africa (MOCAA), which houses the largest collection of contemporary African art in Africa.

Words by Inês Vidal

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