9 Beautiful Christmas Decorating Themes

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Merry time is just around the corner. Do you have your decorations ready? For the start of, hopefully, a better, year, consider bringing some innovations to your home. The same old décor might look nice. However, is it enough to sweep you off your feet? If the answer is no, think about one of these 9 beautiful Christmas decorating themes, and bring a nice and pleasant change into the new year!

9 Beautiful Christmas Decorating Themes

1. Keep it simple, yet lovely, with monochromatic décor

After the tiring and turbulent year, it’s time to take things easy. Instead of overloading your home with various decorations and colours, opt for monochromatic décor this year. Pick one colour and use its entire hue to decorate your home.

For instance, you can let it snow with white decorations, or you can pick red colour for a merry year. If you feel like making it glow, honey or golden ornaments are an ideal match for your monochromatic theme.

Christmas decorating themes - Living Room Ivory & Frosted Foliage by Lights4fun
Christmas Living Room Ivory & Frosted Foliage by Lights4fun

2. Use the existing colour palette

As you’ve probably noticed, a lot of Christmas decorations look forced and out of place. Even if you create a merry celebratory atmosphere, if you don’t match your Christmas ornaments with your existing colour palette, your home may feel messy. What can you do?

Use your existing colour palette on your ornaments as well. Who says the tree has to be green if your home is designed with pretty pastel colours? Match your decorations with an existing colour palette to get the perfect, cosy effect.

Exclusive Burgundy and Plum Garland from Horchow
Exclusive Burgundy and Plum Garland from Horchow

3. Minimalism at its finest

This year, your house doesn’t have to be overloaded with flashing fairy lights, huge tree and large ornaments that hang from every branch, window and ceiling. For some people, that’s just too much. This doesn’t mean that you won’t celebrate Christmas. Just simply opt for a more simple and minimalistic style.

Even though it may seem like minimalistic rooms are under-decorated, the key lies within details. Add pine tree branches and candles around the room to get that holiday atmosphere. Bring out your special cutlery and enjoy the simple things.

Interior decor by Boca do Lobo audrey chair koket
Interior decor by Boca do Lobo

The Best Luxury Christmas Tree Decoration

4. Desert country-inspired style

Not everything needs to be traditional at Christmas. Why don’t you shake things up a little bit by going for the desert country-inspired decorations?

Say goodbye to the old red and gold ornaments, and make room for festive decorations. Get those unique tepee ornaments and bring out the colourful wrapping paper to freshen up your usual space. You can even take it a step further and use a cactus instead of a regular Christmas tree. Don’t forget about the Aztec motives that will instantly lift your mood up.

desert country inspired ornaments southwestern style holiday decor
Painted Southwestern Tin Ornaments

5. Floral and feminine design

There’s nothing wrong with bringing out your feminine side in decorating. Not everything has to be red, green, and gold. How can you use feminine and floral designs in decoration?

One of the best ways to create a soft and comfy atmosphere is by using rose-gold and floral ornaments. You can make your own ornaments using rose glitter and don’t forget to wrap up your gifts in floral wrapping paper. Pastel pink, white, beige, and baby blue are ideal colours for this theme.

christmas decorating themes - feminine Winter Wishes Foliage from Balsam Hill
Winter Wishes Foliage from Balsam Hill

6. Tartan is back

Who says that you can’t merge modern and traditional? That’s what tartan is for! With its versatile styles and colours, tartan decorations can make your Christmas home cosy and complete.

The beauty of tartan is that you can use it everywhere. Make your home feel like grandma’s house by getting tartan stockings and table cloth. The best thing about tartan decorations is that they can be matched with each other perfectly and look absolutely stunning. Don’t trust us, try them out yourself!

Christmas decor from Bergdorf Goodman tartan
Christmas decor from Bergdorf Goodman

avalanche dining table koket

7. Vintage charm

You’ve probably noticed that a lot of vintage stuff is coming back in style. So, have you considered using this new-old trend to decorate your home during Christmas?

Recreate the happy 50’s feeling with vintage decoration that will make your entire new year better. For instance, you can create a wooden Christmas village display with your family and make it a fun DIY project that will leave everyone in awe. Don’t forget about the Nutcracker and beautiful glass ornaments as well.

Christmas Village Set by Bethany Lowe Designs from Perigold
Christmas Village Set by Bethany Lowe Designs from Perigold

8. Bring nature in

Nothing refreshes your home as much as the natural decorations. Simply, pile up fire logs for a cosy yet artsy effect. Don’t neglect the things you can find around your yard. For instance, pine cones and branches can be jaw-dropping natural decorations for your home.

If you want to bring in some colour to make your space livelier, consider getting beautifully arranged Christmas flowers. You can celebrate your favourite holiday with festive bouquets and gorgeous table arrangements.

'Christmas Flowers Silver' by Pink Clover
Christmas Flowers Silver’ by Pink Clover

9. Glam it up

Glam is one of our favourite themes this year. Even though 2020 was a bad year for most of us, that doesn’t mean that you can’t glam your home up and celebrate Christmas in luxury.

Choose one of the glam Christmas decorating themes, and decorate your home with style. Pick a tree that matches your interior and add a lot of ornaments that fit in the style. Don’t neglect fancy glasses and shiny lights for themes like this.

christmas decorating themes Holiday interior by KOKET
Holiday interior by KOKET


Spice up this year’s Christmas décor with one of these beautiful and unique decorating themes. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different designs and celebrate your favourite winter holiday with style!

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