How to Transform Your Bare Hallway With Clever Decor

Interior Design Tips - foyer with Floral wallpaper, a geometric tiled floor, a metal console table and four demi-lune stools with teal upholstery and brass bases, mandy stools by koket

Hallways come in all shapes and sizes, and while no two hallways pose the same challenges and benefits, you never need to let them sit plain and bare. Hallways offer so much space, and they can truly tie your home together in the most subtle ways. You can use plenty of decor techniques to take full advantage of whatever your hallway offers.

Whether your style is fun and funky or a bit more subdued and sophisticated, you have many options to turn this section of your house into an intentional part of your home’s design:

1. Let the Light In

One of the best ways to make a hallway feel bigger, brighter, and more spacious is to invite in light. Very few hallways have windows or skylights, but if you’re one of the lucky ones who does have a brighter hallway, try keeping those light sources open and shining as often as possible.

If you don’t have natural light, you can be intentional with your artificial light or even use tricks like hanging a mirror to reflect light and make the space feel bigger.

Dramatic hallway design by KOKET addicata venetian mirror, floral sconces and gold console table
Dramatic hallway design by KOKET

2. Try Unexpected Decor

Since your hallway is bare, you can have a bit of fun with how you fill it. Unexpected decor can be anything your heart desires, from vintage furniture to overhead bicycle racks.

When you give your hallway some quirk and character, this makes it more memorable. You can even hang some of your favorite decor and art pieces in the hallway when you might have otherwise put them in the bedroom or living room.

Interior design by Vadim Maltsev featuring sconces by Apparatus, BYZANTIUM Console by Vadim Maltsev, and ‘The Creation of Adam’ Sculpture
Interior design by Vadim Maltsev featuring sconces by Apparatus, BYZANTIUM Console by Vadim Maltsev, and ‘The Creation of Adam’ Sculpture

3. Add Storage and Seating

If your hallway is wide and you have extra space to play around with, why not make those extra inches count? Putting in a bookshelf, floating shelves or even storage systems with drawers can offer something dynamic for the eyes while still remaining useful.

If you have a lot of room to spare, try adding a bench or chair in a cozy corner to create a seating area where people can hang out. These little touches can make your hallway feel more like an additional room in your house.

Dramatic hallway by KOKET mandy stools reve mirror drapesse chair
Dramatic hallway by KOKET

Tips to Decorate Your Hallway

4. Use Color to Your Advantage

If your hallway is blank, it’s sure to look like a bland, uninspired space. Why not take a dive into the amazing world of color? Of course, you can turn to neutrals if you’re looking for a more serene, sophisticated look, but you can also have a ton of fun with your color selection.

Bright, uplifting colors and lighter hues tend to make spaces feel larger, while dark, rich colors make them cozier. It’s all about choosing what you want to bring to your space.

coral hallway with bird wallpaper at Casa do Passadiço Lisbon Showroom
Casa do Passadiço showroom Lisbon, Portugal

5. Bring in Gallery Wall Fun

If you just can’t decide which art to include in your hallway decor, a gallery wall could be the perfect solution for you. Gallery walls open up tons of room for creativity and exploration. Stack vintage pieces alongside new ones, mix and match colors and even hang things that aren’t technically art.

While planning your gallery wall might take a bit of time and consideration, the finished product is always worth it. Plus, you can always add to it or change it as your collection grows. By adding a gallery wall, you can make your hallway feel much more dynamic and fun.

Gallery Hall & Powder Room by M Naeve at Kips Bay Decorator Showhouse Dallas 2020 (Photo by Stephen Karlisch)
Gallery Hall & Powder Room by M Naeve at Kips Bay Decorator Showhouse Dallas 2020 (Photo by Stephen Karlisch)

Make Your Hallway Pop With Clever Decor

You have many ways to dress your hallway to the nines with decor that matches your style. Whether you’re going for some simple charm or you’re ready for a splash of artistic whimsy, your hallway doesn’t have to stay plain any longer.

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Mandy Stools by KOKET in a Stunning Foyer by @simply_the_design.

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