‘A Pretty Cool Hotel Tour’ of Instagrammable Themed Roadside Hotels

a pretty cool hotel tour instagrammable themed hotels

When you think about roadside hotels and motels your first thought is probably not of a “cool” place to stay. But for photographer and filmmaker Margaret Bienert and her husband Corey, the world of American roadside hotels is one well worth exploring! Thus was born their travel video series and Instagram feed, A Pretty Cool Hotel Tour. And their adventure ‘Exploring America’s Hidden Gem Hotels’.

The Video Series, A Pretty Cool Hotel Tour

Charming and irreverent, the California duo, now in their 30s, has been together for over 11 years and naturally feed off each other’s energy. From improv comedy trying to figure out how to work sexual furniture at Miami’s Executive Fantasy Hotel to Margaret B. checking the bed for hair and finding leftover sweets at Toledo’s Designer Inn & Suites, A Pretty Cool Hotel Tour is loads of wild fun.


On Instagram, @aprettycoolhoteltour

In addition to the video series hosted on YouTube, the couple has a massively popular Instagram account with over 90,000 followers. In contrast to the crazy atmosphere seen in the videos, the Instagram feed boasts static images of their themed bedroom adventures. Offering up a much more dreamlike and ethereal vibe. Transporting you to a time and space that seems divorced from reality.

The roadside hotels visited are themed and completely untagged. Margaret and Corey manage to transform the most generic motels into irreverent spaces, oscillating somewhere between normal life and fantasy. They truly have a gift for creating fantasy within reality.

Putting this fantasy on social media exposes the illusion while creating another. They are different from the type of traveling couples you can find on Instagram.

Themed Hotel Art? Why Not!

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gold nature inspired wall sconce - passion sconce by koket

The Themed Hotel Appeal

Themed hotel rooms must appeal to sensory involvement. Historically, themed rooms can be traced back to the nuptial chambers on Mississippi River steamboats, beginning around 1840. Decorated and majestic, they were designed to make women more comfortable with the loss of virginity.

Themed rooms must be bold, sexy, and make you feel comfortable. In the 1950s, aesthetics changed and hotels turned to glamor and brilliance. Raised platforms that look like a stage, props, lighting, and mirrors began to appear. In fact, many of the sexual spaces were designed for men. However, themed hotels are explicitly designed for women to be able to explore their eroticism.

Wrapping It up

While the idea may seem a little different than usual, this may be all you need to rediscover yourself. It is public knowledge that sharing new experiences makes us happier in our relationships. Best of all, these rooms never cost more than $200. This can be the opportunity you are looking for to know yourself better and still enjoy one of the best experiences of your life!

Words by Inês Vidal

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