Sweden’s Gorgeous Icehotel

Sweden’s Icehotel reminds us of a “winter wonderland”. You have certainly seen Disney films like Frozen, so keep this enchanted paradise in mind. In 1989 the Icehotel was created and since then it has become a famous destination. What started out as a small art gallery, Icehotel is now a truly unique experience. This is exactly how it began to attract travelers from all corners of the world. When visiting the hotel you can experience sleeping at -5 to -7 degrees, which in itself is already exciting. However, there is much more to enjoy!

A great curiosity of the Icehotel is that its design is renewed every year! That is, if you visit the hotel every year, you will have a new experience each time! In addition, multiple returns will give you all the time you need to also discover the many incredible resources that Sweden offers visitors.

The Astonishing Design

This year we have the 31st creation of the Icehotel. To get an idea it takes 19 teams and 35 magnificent artists. If you thought it was just a small remodel, you were wrong!

This year’s work resulted in the creation of six new Deluxe suites at the Icehotel 365. As well as 12 Art suites at the 31st winter Icehotel. If you plan to visit the space, starting in February, you will find a room full of typographic art, as well as having the chance to sleep in a peculiar forgotten hotdog stand made of ice and snow.

Some of the previous designs included the magnificent ‘Feline Lair’ in 2019, the three-meter-high ice mammoth ‘Elephant in the Room’ in 2015, and the impressive ‘Once upon a time’ in 2016.

sweden's icehotel Feline Lair
Feline Lair


As if all of this was not enough there is still more. The Icehotel restaurant is rated the best restaurant in Kiruna and is among the top three in Swedish Lapland in the White Guide, Scandinavia’s most comprehensive restaurant guide. As for the gastronomic part, you can find flavors such as fir and cloudberries combined with delicacies of local origin. You can find Arctic char, reindeer, and moose. It has several options such as an à la carte menu and even a tasting menu.

icehotel sweden

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The Experience

There are several experiences you can enjoy during your winter retreat. You can enjoy an ice sculpture course using ice from the Torne River. Take a dog sled ride through the winter landscape. Other arctic activities include a delicious three-course dinner in the wilderness, a snowmobile adventure, a moose safari on horseback, and, of course, the chance to experience the northern lights.

northern lights
Northern lights

Bon voyage!!

Discover all Sweden has to offer and book your adventure now at www.icehotel.com!

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