Home Tour: State-of-the-Art Apartment Design by YODEZEEN

luxury apartment kyiv by yodezeen

Set in the historic district of Kyiv, on the well-known Instytyska Street in the borough of Lypky, high above on the 21st floor, with a mesmerizing view of the Motherland Monument, one of the highest monuments in Europe, sits the State-of-the-Art Edition apartment design by YODEZEEN.

The Concept of State-of-the-Art Edition

Many styles of the 18th-19th centuries inspire the architecture on Instytutska Street and across Lypky. The result, a monumental classical style with elements of Art Deco and Empire. The perfect look for YODEZEEN’s new apartment project, a single level spread across 252 m² consisting of a combined living and dining area, 2 bedrooms, and 3 bathrooms.

We adhered to the principle: less is more. We created a clean interior, contemporary finishing details, natural materials, and custom furniture. This apartment is a gestalt of architectural directions of the entire historic district.

Artem Zverev and Artem Voskoboinyk, Lead project architects, YODEZEEN

Shades of nude with graphite glass partitions, natural stone with brass accents, and custom elements define the exclusive design. Every element creates a unique understanding of modern living. A home perfectly tailored for its owner, a young man of sophisticated taste with his own understanding of aesthetics and a passion for Ukrainian Art.

Custom stone and bronze tiles in the entrance instantly define the modern classic style of the apartment design.
Custom stone and bronze tiles in the entrance instantly define the modern classic style of the apartment design.
modern classic living room by yodezeen
The main apartment living area consists of a living room, dining room, sitting area, and kitchen.

We love the details. We love when the perception of our project is conveyed through touching the surfaces, materials, comfort of our client in the daylight or night-time, functionality of solutions. Combination of lights, volumes, textures, and finishing elements in the State-of-art Edition project is a confirmation of the studio’s unique style.

Artem Zverev

Throughout the apartment, Empire-style molding on the ceiling adds an antique tone to the space, while clean-lined Italian furniture brings modern vibes.

classic meets modern in empire molding details

The Entrance & Main Living Area

The entrance of the apartment gives into a spacious area of combined living, dining, and kitchen. Modern meets classic details like the custom-made floor of stone and brass tiles in the entrance define the feel of the apartment instantly upon entering.

stone and brass tile custom floor apartment


Dream Kitchens: Tempted by Design in the Kitchen


dining room living room yodezeen neutral modern classic
Above the dining table hangs a gorgeous custom-made brass chandelier created by Cameron Design.


Brass and woodwork on the walls serve as a sort of separator for zones of various applications of use.
Brass and woodwork on the walls serve as a sort of separator for zones of various applications of use.

Powder Room

River stone and brass accents are also found in the guest bathroom.

decodiva marble and brass dining table by koket


Graphite glass partitions in both the guest and master bedrooms divide the space into private areas.

Guest Bedroom

guest bedroom with italian furniture and classic molding by yodezeen
stone hallway apartment design
marble shower by yodezeen

Master Bedroom

master bedroom hallway with graphite glass and lighting
modern master bedroom design

floor screen with brass butterflies by koket

master bedroom apartment yodezeen
modern master bedroom design kyiv apartment
modern master bathroom yodezeen

The Art

A key element of the apartment design is the incorporation of art by Ukrainian artists and sculptors. Paintings by Viktor Sydorenko and sculptures by Nazar Bilyk complement the interior with the perfect air of authenticity.

living room state of the art edition by YODEZEEN
Sculpture by Nazar Bilyk

The Realization: Modern Classic Style

In just 18 months, YODEZEEN completed this turnkey apartment project. A modern classic masterpiece from development of the design concept and construction to selection and coordination of furniture delivery, and art curation.

With 50 employees, offices in Kyiv, Moscow, London, Miami, and Los Angeles, YODEZEEN has become the rising contemporary star in design and architecture – we look forward to seeing what they create next!

Words by Anna Beck Bimba
Photography by Andrii Shurpenkov