Don’t Forget Beauty Sleep!

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We all have heard the phrase beauty sleep, but we often forget the connection between the two. Sleep is said to be essential not only for your general health but also to boost beauty. Sleep gives the body a chance to rejuvenate and mend itself. If you sleep well, you allow your body to reset from any stresses of the day. So, next time you question prioritizing your beauty sleep remember all the beauty-enhancing benefits sleep has to offer! Not to mention all the mental ones too!

8 Reasons to Remember to Prioritize Time for Beauty Sleep

Could Give You Youthful Skin

New skin cells are developed faster if you have quality sleep. Your skin is then repaired from any damage it may have sustained during the day due to the sun, dust, or pollution. It’s important, however, to have a daily facial cleansing routine before bed. And if you use products that’ll help optimize this recovery period, you may wake up with healthier skin. 

As a tip, if you leave your face mask on during the night, you can always try side sleepers, which allow you to sleep comfortably on your side.

Reduces Signs Of Wrinkles and Aging

Your skin depends on collagen, which is a type of protein, to maintain its firmness and structure. The collagen that the skin makes is produced when you’re sleeping. 

Collagen has been reported to help prevent sagging. The more collagen your skin has, the plumper and more youthful you’re likely to look. Not getting adequate beauty sleep could leave your skin looking unhealthy. Get enough sleep and save your pocket from expensive anti-aging creams.

Could Boost Your Blood Flow 

When you sleep, you allow better circulation of blood to your face. Transversely, lack of sleep could cause blood circulation to the face to decrease, as well as result in swelling. This might take away the healthy glow from your complexion. 

The use of face scrubs in your skincare routine and a good night’s sleep could help promote good blood flow. 

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Less Puffy Eyes

Chances of getting dark circles or baggy eyes are high if you skip sleep or don’t get enough shut-eye. Bags under your eyes are the first signs of lack of sleep. A bit of redness to the sclera of your eye is another sign. 

Getting plenty of beauty sleep at night is believed to prevent puffy eyes and lessen dark circles to the face. The use of cold cucumbers and ice packs on the eyes may also reduce the bags under your eyes.

Natural Anti-inflammatory 

If, for whatever reason, you end up with a swollen face, wrist, or ankle, try sleeping. A cold compress may help reduce the swelling, but sleeping is said to be an excellent anti-inflammatory. This is because sleeping may help reduce the agents of inflammation in the body. 

Some experts have noted that the body produces anti-inflammatory cytokines during sleep. These cytokines are believed to help the body heal from the damages it may have incurred throughout the day.

Healthier Hair 

Hair growth could be affected by lack of sleep. This is because hair follicles are said to rely on blood flow to receive all the vitamins and minerals they need to do their job. 

Blood flow increases when you get enough hours of sleep. If you don’t get enough sleep, you might weaken your hair, making it difficult to grow. 

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Long and Beautiful Nails

When you get sufficient beauty sleep, your body can produce enough collagen required to maintain strong and healthy nails. Collagen may prevent nail brittleness that usually causes them to break. Collagen is also said to encourage nail growth.  

Nail-biting has been attributed to anxiety. When you get enough sleep, you’re likely to be less stressed and anxious. Do the math; enough sleep equals less anxiety and no nail-biting habits. For you to have long and healthy nails, try to get enough sleep.

Maintain A Healthier Weight

When you regularly get enough hours of sleep, you’re more likely to maintain a healthy weight. Studies show that lack of sleep could result in a higher risk of obesity. Sleep is also reported to play a crucial role in the production of two vital hormones that regulate appetite and weight gain–ghrelin and leptin. 

For great physical appearance, you, therefore, need sleep, among other things. 

Bottom Line

Although research isn’t ultimately conclusive on the direct link between sleep and beauty, studies agree that sleep is requisite for your general health. Sleep is said to decrease your chance of stress, depression, and anxiety. It also allows your body cells to rejuvenate.

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Additionally, sleeping well enables your metabolism to perform its functions unhindered. All these enhance your overall health, and a healthy body is a beautiful body. Your skin could be clearer and far more radiant, and your body could look great if you put in enough hours of sleep. So, don’t forget to get your beauty sleep on!

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