7 Lavish Ways to Spoil Your Man

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Sometimes it’s easy to take your partner for granted, especially if you’ve been together for a long time. Before you know it, you start to spend more nights together in pajamas, eating last night’s leftover pizza on the couch, instead of getting dolled up and hitting the town. You may also start running out of birthday and Christmas gift ideas, and instead resort to generic gift cards. Relaxing at home while shopping online with his new gift card may seem ideal, but, even home-bodies may enjoy a little or big surprise to add some spice to their week. Planning a night out with your man, however, is not the only way to show him your love and appreciation. Read on for several other lavish ideas to spoil your man with.

7 Lavish Ways to Spoil Your Man

Home Appliances and Furniture

If your man enjoys cooking up a storm in the kitchen and takes pride in how his house is laid out—rather than hiding every inch of it under dirty clothing and take-out containers—you may decide to spoil him with some fancy new home appliances and/or furniture. 

Maybe he’s had his eye on a certain armchair for his gaming room or a shaggy rug for the bedroom. Regardless of whether you love the design yourself, it may be time to splurge and buy it for him!

Other gifts for your guy they want may include a knife set, coffee machine, beer dispenser, decanter, air fryer, or perhaps a sandwich press.

Tech Gifts

Your partner may constantly be updating you on the latest technologies and gadgets released to the market. So much so that you may start to think that he’s also battery or Bluetooth-powered, with the amount of knowledge that he expounds. If this is the case, surprising him with one of the products he’s mentioned, or determining if there are any gaps in his collection to fill, may be just the right way for you to spoil your man. 

You may decide to choose something for his gaming set-up. Whether that’s a light-up keyboard, ergonomic chair, gaming monitor, or an RGB headset. If, however, he already has these accessories plus dozens more, you may turn to devices that he can enjoy in all/other aspects of his life. (1) Some ideas to consider are a smartwatch, portable speaker, drone, or wireless earbuds.

A Vacation

What’s more lavish than a pre-planned and paid-for luxurious holiday? If your hubby has been itching to travel, it may be time to plan his dream vacation. You may choose to appeal to the pasta-loving and architecture-admiring facet of him and head to Italy, or cater to his love for sandy beaches and piña coladas and venture to Hawaii. Imagining the look on his face when you present the tickets to him may be enough to persuade you to go through with this idea. 

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A Concert 

People often refer to music as a magical force that brings people together. You and your boyfriend may have first met or connected at a concert. Or simply have cartoon musical notes popping out of your ears on a daily basis. Regardless of what type of music-junkie you are, giving your man tickets to his favorite band may be the perfect addition to his year of hard work. (2) 

Couple’s Massage/Spa Weekend

If the knots in your partner’s back have only continued to spread, planning a weekend of pure pampering, soft robes, and tranquil music may be the most rewarding gift, both physically and mentally. It may also allow you to reconnect with each other. (3) And as another added bonus, not only does this allow you to spoil your man, it also allows you to spoil yourself a little too!

Cook Him a Romantic Dinner 

Ordering out can become a dangerous habit that can negatively impact not only your savings but also your waistlines. Cooking your man a nutritious and elaborate three (or five) course meal may be the perfect way to show him how much you care. Ensuring some of his favorite dishes are included is wise. As well as ending the night with a scrumptious dessert that has the potential to save the dinner if the previous dishes weren’t up to scratch. (4) 

Create a Home Theatre 

Your friends may often refer to you and your guy as “movie buffs” who never miss a new release. Life, however, can get busy. And it’s easy to let time pass by instead of heading to the cinema every few weeks. 

Creating a home theatre that resembles an actual cinema, fully decked out with an impressive popcorn machine, comfortable seating—possibly bean bag chairs—and Icee machines could grant you the “best partner ever” award. 

Final Thoughts 

Spoiling your man doesn’t have to be a stressful endeavor. If you take note of his interests as well as his physical and mental needs, you will surely come up with a well-appreciated present.


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