Hot Off the Runway: How to Rock These 2021 Summer Men’s Fashion Trends

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New seasons bring new trends, especially in the fashion world. Staying up to date with your wardrobe is a crucial part of expressing yourself while trying new things. This guide explains how to rock these summer 2021 men’s fashion trends while they’re still hot. You’ll effortlessly upgrade your look while deepening your personal style.

1. Find Pastel Bermuda Shorts

You won’t spot cargo shorts on anyone who’s keeping up with the latest men’s fashion trends. They’ll opt for Bermuda shorts instead. These shorts swap exterior pockets for pastel colors that pop. They rise just an inch above the knee and work with casual or semi-formal dress occasions, like brunch. It’s handy to have options like these shorts in your wardrobe so you can create the perfect look for any event.

summer 2021 fashion trends men Wide-Leg Linen Bermuda Shorts pastel pink anderson & sheppard mr. porter
Wide-Leg Linen Bermuda Shorts by Anderson & Sheppard available from Mr. Porter

2. Pick Vintage T-Shirts

Vintage styles are coming back big time in 2021. You’ll see plenty of vintage tees in retail shops, so consider adding them to your closet. They might have cracked graphics printed on cotton and polyester fabrics, creating a worn appearance that’s comforting and casual. Vintage tees tell a story even without pictures or slogans, so they could add the statement you’re looking for in your next style evolution.

summer 2021 fashion trends men Original Gucci print oversize vintage T-shirt
“Original Gucci” print oversize T-shirt from Gucci

3. Accessorize With a Watch

Watches are the perfect accessory because you can wear them almost anywhere. They’re quickly becoming one of the more prominent 2021 spring and summer men’s fashion trends. You could find the best deals by learning about premium bidding structures and how they could bring home an expensive watch for half the cost. Your next watch will dazzle with eye-catching metals and faces designed by the finest watchmakers in the fashion industry.

philosopher mens watch nordgreen
Philosopher | Black Dial Men’s Watch by Nordgreen

4. Bring Your Confidence

Anyone can read fashion tips and refine their style, but the best clothing trend is pairing your everyday outfits with your glowing self-confidence. Your clothes should accentuate your personal growth, which starts with considering if you need new goals.

Many men use SMART goals to boost their confidence before ever upgrading their wardrobe. SMART goals provide small steps to big accomplishments, like accomplishing your fitness dreams by bulking up or slimming down. Crossing things off your bucket list will significantly enhance your self-confidence and help it radiate alongside your new look. You also may want to learn how to cut your hair at home. This will allow you to look your best all day, every day!

man in black suit confident well dressed

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5. Wear Metallic Earrings

Men are jumping into the world of earrings, so consider getting your ears pierced and accessorizing with personalized jewelry in the summer of 2021. If you grow tired of them or don’t prefer the look, you can always let the holes close by removing your earrings while the piercings are still new.

Before purchasing any earrings shaped like guitars or featuring geometric designs, think about your skin tone. Some metals look more grating against certain skin tones than others. Find one that compliments your skin naturally by working with your undertones. Accentuating pink hues in your cheekbones or beautifully dark skin could require a preference for rose gold or stainless steel studs.

summer 2021 men fashion trends Fendi Single FF Engraved Cuff Earrings from Farfetch
Fendi Single FF Engraved Cuff Earrings from Farfetch

6. Try Linen Shirts

Linen has come back in a big way. It’s a lightweight fabric that wicks away moisture. You won’t deal with sweat stains and clothing sticking to your body in the summer heat with linen. It hangs loosely and works with numerous styles, so check out this men’s fashion trend now before summer 2021 comes to an end.

Anyone who wants a laid-back style or beach vibes can use linen shirts in their everyday outfits. They’ll maintain their quality through numerous washes and come in a variety of colors. Just prepare to iron your shirts every so often. Linen wrinkles easily when folded and kept in drawers.

Purple Label Linen Shirt by Ralph Lauren mens
Purple Label Linen Shirt by Ralph Lauren

Anyone can learn how to rock these 2021 summer men’s fashion trends after reading these tips. Whether you prefer to upgrade your watch or develop your self-confidence, you’ll look and feel your best while looking completely in style!

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