6 Dreamy Attic Master Suite Ideas

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So you are thinking of turning your dingy box filled attic into your master suite? Bravo on deciding to transform this often overlooked nook of your home! Now for the perfect look. All you need is to employ some (seemingly magical but quite handy) tricks. So, let’s take you through a series of attic master suite ideas that will resonate with your taste and help you bring your new dream space to life!

6 Dreamy Attic Master Suite Ideas

1. The Miniature Garden Room 

A lush green, fragrant room that connects you to nature in its very raw form. If your attic has windows, there is the bliss of direct sunlight. So take full advantage and fill up the room with plants in glass: snake plants, flowers, cactus, trailing plants, and more. If your attic doesn’t get much sunlight, do not give up just yet. Many house plants grow with very little sunlight, such as Dumb Cane, English Ivy, which adds a  beautiful look to any grim spot, and Peace Lily, among other options.

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Interior by KOKET

While mere plants may give it a natural aura, it still requires some furnishing to take it up another notch. Wooden beams, wooden floors, and rustic furniture will do an apt job. Add floral paintings on the wooden walls, a pale-white round bed with fluffed up cushions maintaining the focus to the greenery, and cellular blinds to dress attic windows (a perfect solution to get in the sunlight while keeping your beloved privacy). Hang some fairy lamps here and there to lighten it up during the nighttime, and voila, you have your very own getaway in your own home!

Imagine yourself drinking warm coffee during a rainy morning in your little green nest. It sounds like an incomparable dream, doesn’t it?

2. The Royal Suite

Luxury, but on a budget–this idea of a royal attic master suite will remind you of the movie sets comprising a palace that you have fantasized about. While the size of an ill-shaped attic might seem like a barrier at first, you will have your very own little royal getaway with the right tricks and tools in hand.

Begin with a high bed with dark-colored velvet bedsheets and pillows. Choose long drapes as blinds to dress attic windows. Keep antique artifacts as displays to set the theme, including bedside lamps, flower vases, and mirrors. You could also keep your storage materials in dressers that possess abundant space. Adding a curtain to the bed can add another extra flair to an already royal room. Finish it up with an antique mirror and an accent chair.

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3. The Bohemian Dream Room

While you may prefer the rest of your house to be in a relatively confirmative and modern style, your attic is one place where you can put your imagination to work and create a theme that really stands out. For all the people with a colorful soul, a carefree spirit, a love for natural fabrics, and a keen interest in all things art, the idea for a bohemian attic master suite is too good to be true. 

First, a vibrant jute rug with wide-ranging options of style (be it shag rugs or natural woven rugs), pattern (geometric, crochet, braided), and an endless scheme of colors. It will add life to the dull and sad-seeming wooden floor. Plain walls can be decorated with the most stunning artifacts, including Macramé wall hangings–a popular decoration made out of a knotted textile. 

Add a wooden bed to match the flooring, carved furniture, patterned bedsheets, a beaded chandelier, round poufs, and dramatic throw pillows. The most suitable blinds to dress attic windows would be draped by using contrasting colors to set a mood for the place.

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4. The Working Room

If you’re tired from all the hustle-bustle of the household chores and cannot, to save your life, find a peaceful place to focus on your professional commitments–be it studying, writing, working, or even leisure activities such as reading–your attic master suite might be the perfect hidden den for you.

It would consist of subtle-colored walls to have proper insulation and light during the day. Add in a bookshelf to arrange your otherwise ill-kept books in order, making it easier for you to find them whenever necessary. 

Complete this attic master suite theme with a comfortable bed, motivational quotes framed all over the room, a whiteboard, a wooden desk, and chair to work, table lamps for the nighttime, and shutters as blinds to dress attic windows to facilitate proper insulation. Lastly, add fresh flowers in glass vases or scented candles to beautify the atmosphere and reduce your stress to work better.

This minimalistic work hub would relieve you of all the tension of noise-ridden atmospheres and motivate you to show off your best creative self with a hint of leisure.

5. The Monochromatic Suite

Are you someone who’s not a fan of striking color schemes? Well, the good thing is you don’t need to indulge in classy and elegant room decor with a monochromatic color theme. A monochromatic room uses varying tints of one single color, often finished with a contrasting color to break it off for balance. These room decorations are relatively easy to execute but visually stunning.

kathleen walsh bedroom neutrals
Design by Kathleen Walsh Interiors (Photos by Eric Roth)

For this attic master suite concept, begin with your favorite color, be it grey, pink, blue, white, and more. Select a carpet in your preferred color and deconstruct its shades to spread across the room. Use different tones of the color for your bedsheets, walls, furniture, paintings, window drapes, and showpieces. Place a long mirror for beautiful reflections, adding a glamorous effect to the room.

If necessary, to balance it or break the monotonous scheme, use patterns/different textures such as glass, metal, brass, textile, etc. Consider the mood that you would like the place to have, and execute the décor accordingly.

6. The Time Capsule

Ever imagined a museum that is all yours? As extravagant as it sounds, it is simple in execution—an area where the artifacts are nothing but your very own beloved and prized objects. Your attic, is the perfect space for it–fulfilling the two purposes of storing and decorating all at once.

Firstly, collect all your precious possessions, including trophies, photographs, letters, gifts, and much more. Keep the walls of the attic plain colored–beige, white, or black to showcase and highlight your framed certificates and photographs. Place small stools to arrange your gifts and trophies. Use thrifted or newly purchased glass cabinets with a tag describing the memory.

Let your imagination take you away and create the perfect attic master suite sanctuary!